Oracle Card Readings

Oracle Card Readings

Oracle card readings are a safe & gentle way to gain insight to a particular question.  Each card holds a different message that may assist you in gaining some clarity regarding certain situations. Card readings work with the non-physical energy just like our thoughts. The cards that are pulled will be those related to the true energy of the question being asked. The cards won’t give you exact what to do answers & they don’t predict the future. They do bring wisdom, deeper insight & a new perspective.

How does the reading take place?
You will set you intention for the reading by providing the question you’d like answered. It’s best to focus on one particular subject. As a Certified Advanced Angel Tarot Card reader & intuitive healer I will work with the cards by focusing the energy for the reading on your behalf. The card reading will be unique for you & no one else.

The Card Reading Results
After the reading is complete I will write you a full report with digital images of the cards that came up. This will be sent in PDF format via email. All card readings are confidential & will not be shared with a third party. (Please allow 21 days for delivery)

Types of Readings & Pricing (In Australian Dollars)

Three card reading: These answer the past, present & future of the situation you wish clarity for $25*

Nine card multiple deck reading: Using three different card decks in the same format as a three card spread. Using multiple decks gives greater insight & meanings to a situation. – $60*

Ten card Celtic Cross Angel Tarot reading: A more in depth reading working with the full 78 card deck combining the Major & Minor Arcana $65*

*Please note a 50% deposit is required upon booking an Oracle card reading. Full payment due upon readings completion & delivery. Thank you.*

For more information or to book a reading please fill in the form below thank you.

Seren Angel tarot Cert

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