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Those who follow the planet cycles will know it’s that time again for Mercury to go into retrograde. Friday 7th February it all kicked off for the first time this year. Mercury retrogrades are all about communication. It’s the perfect time to speak up & speak out authentically. For a more in depth explanation & daily commentary check out Elizabeth Peru’s FB page.

I really enjoy a good retro period, as it’s a great chance to review & make changes. The only thing I don’t like is that communication technology does go a bit bonkers. Don’t be shocked if your phone, ipad, computers & other electrical equipment start to do their own thing.

The pre-shadow phase of this retrograde started on January 22nd. Think back to that time & what was going on in your life. This will be your theme to work on from February 7th to 27th.

For me it’s all about boundaries this time around. Learning to say ‘no’ is a struggle. I hate letting people down, especially if something sudden comes up & they need assistance. However I often say ‘yes’ to things out of guilt, obligation & trying to be nice. I take on extra work & ‘I’ end up suffering for it. In others words I become run down because I give up my days off or my business suffers, as I have to put projects on hold. Projects that bring me great joy & will help grow my dream life. Putting others needs before mine own is counterproductive & makes for a bad energy exchange.

My challenge this time round is more when I’m put on the spot in person. When this lesson has come up before I learned not to reply to texts or emails straight away. I would step back, sink into my heart & ask within for the answer to what I should do. I’d have the time to properly review my schedule & workload. Then make an authentic decision. More often than not I can find a compromise & come back with a good exchange this way. Everyone is happy then.

However when something is proposed in person or on a phone call I dither. More often than not I’ll say yes without thinking it through from the heart. Being put on the spot for an answer I just jump in & say yes to please the other party. Time to change this reaction.

My retro theme will take strength & courage. I have a strategy though!

If I am asked in person to help out with something I will politely excuse myself to check my diary first. It is very important to move away & be in my own space for this. Someone can easily be peeking over your shoulder at the diary & clearly see a blank space & that may lead to questioning. Once away from the situation I will be able to sink within for my answer whilst cross checking my schedule. If I am available & my heart says yes, all is well.

However if there is a space in my day due to scheduled down time or business building that is when I really need to assess my needs first. Can I move things around? When is my next day off? It’s also not just the day in question that needs reviewing, it’s the days before & after. No good taking on extra work on Tuesday if I’m flat out crazy busy Monday & Wednesday. I will help others more if I have attended to my needs first as I’ll be in a better place to serve.

The Challenge is on! I’ll keep you posted on how I go…

Have you had any recurring themes over the past few weeks that are calling for your attention? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Love K xx

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2014
(please share the love with full credit thanks)