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This quote popped up on FB the other day. I love it & it resonates a lot with a challenge I’ve been facing of late. A challenge I am hoping to close the loop on for good.

Seren Doreen hurt

There is a difference, a huge one, between intentionally hurting somebodies feelings & speaking your truth from pure intent, which is then interpreted differently. In others words the other person gets the hump with you.

I’m finding the deeper I get into remembering where I came from & why I’m here this lifetime (My Soul contract) the more I am being misinterpreted. I know my words are coming from my heart driven by my Soul. It shows me I am progressing & doing everything just right in my life that I feel comfortable speaking my truth. However this usually involves saying things others may see as weird or they miss the point & get offended.

That is just fine. I can recognise now when my words are not understood that the recipient is not ready to hear them or their frequency is tuned to a different station. I’m not saying I’m better than those around me or more awake. I’m saying I fully recognise we are all on different stages of our journey.

When someone gets hurt by my actions I do feel hurt too, especially when I didn’t mean to bring pain. I am however not responsible for others reactions to my actions & vice versa. This is where Doreen’s quote comes in handy.

At the core of who we are, the Soul, we are one. The Soul, the part of us that goes home after we leave our physical body, only knows purity & perfection. When we are in our physical human form we are split in duality between our Soul & human emotions in our head. (Some call this the ego) It is our head that tries to mentally process what goes on around us & emotions kick in.

Our Soul cannot get hurt or offended. If you ever hear someone say ‘you’ve offended my Soul’ this I believe is untrue. You’ve offended their ego. Soul only knows love. It is pure & all knowing. In stillness it will tell you all you need to know honestly & openly. You must quite the mind first in order to hear it.

If my ego gets hurt for what ever reason or others get offended/hurt by something I’ve said I must remember to send them love. It happened just last week. I had caused offense by something I wrote right here on my blog. There was no confrontation or conversation had, I was totally clueless as to why a certain person was suddenly being off with me. Once I figured out the issue I was sorry the person involved had taken my words the wrong way. I never meant to offend or hurt anyone. It was my personal take on a situation & I am the only one responsible for my reaction, which was to write about it.

The offended person came into my radar in a professional situation. All I could do was send them love & compassion. I had a job to do & I could not let ‘personal crap’ get in the way. They were hating on me it was clear (cold shoulder, scowling & snappy words) but I must never hate back, even if my ego was bruised by this, my Soul was telling me it was okay. They are hurting & they need love, it was my job to send it out. Hopefully once the other person is ready to sink into their heart, feel the love, see the pure intention & step back they will ease their own pain.

Just remember at our core there is only love & oneness. Nothing can hurt you deep in the centre. It hurts on the surface but its only skin deep. The more love we give the more will come back around. We are LOVE.

In love, K xx