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Crystals can be used in many ways to receive their healing benefits. The most common way most people use crystals for healing is by placing them on the body or by holding them. Another way is to make crystal infused water.

Water, just like air is essential for our survival. On average it is recommended to drink at least two litres of fresh, purified water a day to carry the life force charge around our bodies for optimum health. If we are drinking so much water why not spruce it up with some crystal power.

I’ve mentioned many times before in my writing that crystals carry a high vibration directly from the earth. I believe that by ingesting water that is infused with crystal energy can be beneficial as well. Some healers make crystal elixirs that are mixed with an alcohol base as a preservative. I have since learned a more simple technique to infuse your every day drinking water with crystal magic.

It is important to read up on different crystal properties before you make infused water. Some crystals can be toxic if used in this way. A safe recommendation is to start with a clear quartz infusion. Clear quartz is known as a master healing crystal that is very good at balancing the body & the immune system. Clear quartz has the ability to attune itself to the users specific needs. It works through all the four bodies cleansing & clearing any dense energy.

To infuse water with crystal energy is very simple. First you need to cleanse your crystal. I start by washing it in cold salt water, and then place it out for the three days over Full Moon. On the last day I leave it out to charge up with the suns energy for at least twelve hours. If it’s not Full Moon time, just charge in the sun. Then place your crystal in your water jug over night & it’s ready to go. Here’s mine inside my Britta.

You may find the taste of your water is slightly different. More sweet. I find I’m drawn to drink a lot more water if it’s crystal infused. Can’t get enough of it! Use your intuition as to when your crystal needs a recharge. If the taste changes or you just feel it’s time then follow the above process again. I find it’s usually around Full Moon again which is a perfect time each month to recharge you water crystals.

Enjoy! Love K xx

Click on image to enlarge ©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2014 (please share the love with full credit thanks)

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2014
(please share the love with full credit thanks)