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New Year, new start is always a popular theme for January. For me I’ve been setting intentions for what I’d like to achieve this year. Of course I am (as we all are) at the mercy of the Universe so you never quite know how the result of your manifesting will present. However the ball needs to be set rolling.

At the start of the year I had so many ideas flying around as to where I wish to take my business this year I came to the point I called out for some extra help. I needed to get out of my own way in order to clearly hear what I was being guided to do next from within myself. It sometimes takes the guidance of another to gently bring you back to the present moment. This is just what I needed.

Through a number of synchronicities the external guidance I was requiring presented. If a pattern suddenly starts to develop around a subject I start to pay attention.

The synchronicities that day lead me to have an Intuitive Guidance & Distance Energy Reading session from Michelle of Sacred Self. I use Sacred Self Alchemical oils in my healing sessions & for my own personal self-cleansing routine. They are truly divine. At a time when I felt I needed someone on the outside to look in & assist me gain some clarity this was my opportunity. It felt so natural & a healing session with Michelle was just what I needed.

It didn’t disappoint. My personally made mandala is stunning. (There are examples on Michelle’s site & FB) It’s full of crystals, oils, cards & mantras. I’ve printed it out & have it right in front of me now. The written report that accompanied it was so accurate & spot on. Every single thing mentioned was confirmation for me to jump & take action. There were ideas I’d thought of months ago but tucked away as insignificant or I let fear or other people’s views stop me following through.

As I was reading I kept saying ‘wow’ Michelle’s good. It might seem strange to hear this but all the information I received wasn’t new or a surprise. “What’s the point then if you were told what you already knew?” I hear you shout. As I said above I was in my own way, too wrapped up to take a step back & listen to the voice within me. That’s when we turn to others for guidance. It sometimes takes an outsider to clearly spell things out to you. Even the most conscious & intuitive beings are always learning.

My intention with the session was to find out the exact area in my life I need to be focusing on this year. I found out just that, not by it being told to me directly “you must do this” but with the ‘clues’ Michelle provided for me to figure it out for myself. It was up to me to then take what was in front of me & apply to my life. be responsible. The greatest gift anyone can receive.

The best part was Michelle provided practical tools to work with for the next few months. Questions to ask myself, meditations to listen too & of course which Alchemical oils would best serve me to move forward.

Grace was perfect for me as the words on the bottle are ‘get out of your own way.’ A really relaxing blend of geranium, sweet orange & lime.

Surrender was my second oil with the strong message to allow myself to feel all feelings. This is a common theme for me right now too to really ‘feel’ what is going on. This is a blend of my two favourite scents Frankincense & Myrrh as well as the very clearing eucalyptus.

I also chose too more oils for myself Clarity & Abundance. Staying clear & open to receive is something I am working on also.

I meditated as suggested with my mandala for an hour each day for three days. It was a very powerful & opening experience. It was just what I needed to assist me onto the next level of progression.

If you’re looking for some clarity or extra guidance I highly recommend Michelle’s sessions. Even if you’re not sure what you are looking for I’m sure some very good answers will present.

Thanks to Amy at True Shining Self for putting the final piece to my jigsaw together that day. Here’s Amy’s experience of her session with Michelle.

Love K xx

Click on image to enlarge ©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2014 (please share the love with full credit thanks)

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2014
(please share the love with full credit thanks)