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Those of you that follow my blog & FB page regularly know I’m a bit of a crystal kid. Maybe it’s the pretty colours & the interesting shapes that draw me to crystals. It’s more like the crystals energy I’m attracted too.

During my daily meditations I always incorporate crystals. Why is this? Every crystal has it’s own healing properties. The crystals I select depend upon the meditation I am listening to & the healing I wish to receive. My intuition draws me to which meditation I need that day. Sometimes it’s guided, other times it’s sound therapy. I select my crystals the same way. Usually I just ‘know’ which crystals to use. Sometimes these change at the last minute as I reach for one crystal then go for a totally different one. The crystals I choose always make sense for that moment.

I do have my favourites crystals that do get used more often. In the picture below the ‘favourite’ features is the Atlantean Quartz channel crystal in the bottom right. This I received as a gift right at the time I was starting to use crystals to help tap into my inner guidance. It’s the perfect blend of yin & yang, masculine & feminine. The clear point in the masculine side makes it very strong & powerful. This crystal really helps open a clear channel within.

The other crystals I used this day were based around the theme of ‘releasing the fear of personal success.’ I mentioned in last Tuesdays post I’ve been reviewing my finances & accepting my self-worth. I do struggle with putting a price on my skills. I’ve got 100% better than this time last year. However there are some very pre-programmed patterns that need breaking & rebuilding.

Top Left: Strawberry Quartz.
This is a recent addition, I have many pieces of clear quartz but when I saw the strawberry the attraction was instant. It’s a very soft crystal that brings grounding energy to the heart & root. I placed this over my heart to help connect me with the earth. Heart to earth. I found its energy very soothing & gentle. The pink is very striking, not like the other pink crystals I have this is quite deep.

Top Right: Blue Apatite.
Placed over my throat chakra to remove any blockages about speaking out about my self-worth. Apatite clears any stale energy based around communication. When I don’t speak out & set my price I’m not living authentically.

Fear holds me back in this area. I get scared people will get angry if set my fees where my heart is telling me to. Worse I’ll lose their business. When in fact if I do lose their business for this reason they aren’t clients worth keeping, as they obviously don’t value my service. A blocked throat chakra can manifest in sore throats & swollen tonsils. My voice is one of my most valuable tools for my job so I must keep my throat healthy.

Bottom Left: Citrine.
Isn’t the colour fantastic? This crystal is known as the stone of abundance. It can assist in attracting success & prosperity. I really needed some Citrine to help transmute any negative energy based around my self-worth. By not thinking I was good enough to receive financial reward for my work then that is what would be attracted to me. I needed some assistance to reverse this thinking.

Citrines bright yellow colour comes from the sun making it a powerful cleanser. I placed Citrine over my Solar Plexus chakra to build my self-esteem & confidence.

Do you have any favourite crystals you like to meditate with or have close by. I’d love for you to share in the comments below.

Love K xx

Click on image to enlarge ©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2014 (please share the love with full credit thanks)

Click on image to enlarge
©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2014
(please share the love with full credit thanks)