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After Tuesday’s post I felt very inspired to produce something practical to assist my readers, you lovely folk, in recognizing the joy in your lives. Even if you’ve had one bog hole of a day there is always something to learn & happiness to be gleaned.

Part of my business coaching actions each fortnight is to write a reflection centered around what I have achieved & how I can turn challenges into opportunities. This gave me the idea to produce a worksheet for you all (Totally complimentary!) to help reflect on your day. I’ve selected a few simple questions to ask yourself & reflect back on. Don’t be daunted & this is just for you. You do not need to share this reflection with anyone.

If you’re new to journalling this is a great place to start. I find it really helps to sit down somewhere quite when you have a spare fifteen minutes or so. if the answers don’t come straight away don’t stress. Move onto the next question & come back. You may be surprised at your answers. Especially on days you have found challenging there may well have been a lot of good, positive blessings that have happened but one ‘down’ moment may have taken all your focus.

The point of this exercise is to get you focused on all the good in your life day by day. (There is TONNES of it!) The more you reset your mind to this notion & look at the positives the more will be returned to you. If you just focus on the crap aspects more crap will be attracted. Not healthy.

Recognising your challenges & how you deal with them is important too. These challenges are hidden lessons. Once you’ve learned the lesson you close the loop & you won’t repeat it. It might take a few goes of each lesson to ‘get it.’ Approach recurring lessons with different tactics. That’s why it’s important to write down how you deal with challenges to know what works & what didn’t.

Click on the link below to down load. It’s an interactive PDF (if you have the latest version of Acrobat) or print it out. Have fun!

Love K xx

Seren Reflection sheet