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This year one of my intentions was to really focus on the positive in every situation no matter how dire at the time it may seem. Blessings are everywhere.

Today, Sunday 12th January, we are having a heat wave in Perth. Yesterday reached 45 degrees Celsius today is pretty much the same. I woke up at 6:15am dripping wet & uncomfortable. Why wasn’t the fan on & where was my other half? He was outside asleep in the hammock as he was too hot inside. No fan was due to a power cut.

No electricity on the day we really could do with the AC, fans & water. Our water is pumped from a bore that uses electricity so nothing was getting through the taps. It’s very humbling actually to be without all the things we take for granted. I know there are millions of people who live without these luxuries every day.

Before I could even think about stressing out a fellow yoga teacher was in need of a cover for her 8am class as she was sick. Missed calls & text messages greeted me when I checked the time on my phone. I was awake & if I left within the next ten minutes sans shower, a cup of tea or food (I couldn’t have the first two even if I did have time) I’d make it to the studio. I did brush my teeth with bottled water. I really could not leave the house with mouth fuzz. I could sort myself out when I got to the studio. Off I went.

The chaos continued to follow me slightly. The studio computer system played games with some payments. I noticed a few glitches in the rosters too. This was easily fixable but not something you want to be worrying about on a Sunday morning. The class went great, a good turn out on a day that was probably going to be hotter than the yoga room.

Once I returned home still no power. What could I do to occupy myself? It was so hot inside & out. We don’t have a pool & obviously the shower wasn’t working, a real challenge to stay cool.  I couldn’t do any of my computer-based work I’d planned, as my laptop can’t handle my design software. Journaling, cleaning, writing notes by hand & reading kept me amused but it was so hot to just sit around I was sweating like in a Bikram class.

Another text message brought my solution. My friend was still sick & needed her afternoon class covering. I could retreat to the yoga studio & it has power! At least I can get some blogging done & business admin.

Amongst the chaos of the day what blessings did I find?

  • Housework. This wouldn’t have gotten done if we had had electricity. I would have put it off till later in the week & then it would have mounted up even more. Cleansing the house is so important but I do get slack when I’m busy. Using buckets of cold water from the tank to clean the bathroom & mop the floors worked fine. Dusting (which I hate) & tidying just require elbow grease no power.
  • Helping a friend in need. Giving is one of my favourite things to do. I’m grateful I was able to help out & the universe provided me the opportunity. Without the power cut I might have slept in & then it would have been too late to take the cover. The blessing here is that without the classes I would have been home all day melting. I was given the opportunity to get out the hot house & do something productive.
  • Extra income. This has been a theme for me this past two weeks. Finances have been under review for me. With a reduced schedule at the yoga studio over Christmas my income has been a little slower. Being Christmas too my outgoings were more than usual. I’ve had a few self-love projects I’ve wished to fund, investments as I see it, however they have cost money. I did worry & nearly not follow through with them. Opportunities for self-development may have been missed. I let go of the fear of not being able to afford them & the universe provided. In this case two extra yoga classes to teach that cover the cost. I gave in the above point & this is I feel is how I have been regiven to.

Even though my day was disjointed & out the ordinary the Universe was unfolding just as it should be. It always does as that is what the Universe does! This day was sent to learn from & I feel it has taught me a great deal. I didn’t fight it or get angry. I trusted solutions would present & they did. Even now over twenty hours without power I’m writing by candle light in a still roasting hot house I’m very content. No Internet, no TV & no lights are quite liberating.

It’s a reminder too to disconnect from the digital world from time to time. Rediscover the activities that don’t require electricity. Okay I cheated by using my laptop but without the distraction of being able to ‘jump online’ I’ve flown through this post writing.

Whenever the world seems to be one endless pain in the butt, sit back & look at what the Universe is trying to teach you. Look for the blessings they are all around.

Love K xx

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013
(please share the love with full credit thanks)