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How are we all doing seven days into the New Year? I feel the pace is already a lot slower than last year. Inspiration is flooding through for many. It is for me for sure. Once minute I’m sitting quietly then the heavens literally open & wham idea central hits.

If you have some hot ideas get them written down so you don’t forget them. Committing ideas to paper then holds you responsible to act on them. Keep referring to your ideas book & be inspired to make them a reality.

My suggestion also is to keep these gems sacred for a while. Jumping too quickly & rushing to share your plans can easily cause a derail. Especially if the people you share with react negatively. It might put you off ever getting them started.

Just like growing a plant from a seed. Here’s an easy process to follow.

  • Put the seed in the earth – get your idea on paper
  • Let the seed sit & settle – meditate with your ideas, visualise your plans already happening, imagine you are living the idea already
  • Nurture – Feed your idea, add water i.e. do research; gather all the extra information you need to get the plan started.
  • Watch it grow – start the ball rolling & take action, make your idea a reality in what ever way you need to.
  • Bask in the beauty you have created as your idea (or plant) is flourishing.
  • Ongoing care – Don’t stop now, we are here to evolve. Move your idea onto the next stage.

When your plan or idea is in full fruition then is the time to share. Once you are living it & believing in it then nothing will sway you. Even if others rock your boat this is a great sign of positive resistance. It shows you are moving forward & the equal & opposite force is appearing as a pull back. Keep going! You will be strong enough & the idea cemented to use the resistance to push your idea further forward.

This is the point when if you require others assistance it’s the time to ask. Your seed is set & growing strongly. If you go to others too early with nothing to show they might not wish to invest their precious time in helping you. If haven’t made your idea your own & put your stamp on it, someone you go to for assistance might see some gold in your idea & make it ‘his or her own.’ Think Facebook.

You have taken action; you are the leader in your project. If you have done your work it will show & others will be more inclined to follow your lead. On the other side of the coin if you have any self-doubt this may well be mirrored back to you from others. To reduce this own what you say & the doubt will melt away. If you’re excited then others will get excited too & want to be part of what you have created.

Celebrate! Reward yourself for a job well done. If it’s a new business venture or personal achievement you’ve just brought to light congratulate yourself. Every goal should be acknowledged. Your reward can be something quite small or as large as you like.

Happy idea manifesting dear readers. Use this strong, inspiring January energy to propel yourselves forwards to great things.

Love Kathryn xx

Image Below: I use my Atlantean clear quartz channel crystal to assist in connecting me with ideas from within. Citrine (On the left) is a great crystal for abundance & carnelian (on the right) for inspiration & energy.

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