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This is a simple question right? Maybe not for some. I’m always looking for patterns & themes with my healing clients (& in my own life). We are all part of the universal ebb & flow. That means if something is affecting us individually it’s actually affecting us all on a whole. We are all one in the universe. There for it is important for my to aware of these patterns so I can best assist.

A theme this month has been strongly focused around joy. I myself have been asked many a time from my mentors ‘what brings you joy?’ These past few weeks I have been asking my clients the same question. I was totally shocked to be met with blank stares or ‘I don’t know, nothing.’ It breaks my heart when people become so disconnected with their hearts they don’t know what makes them tick. Its no wonder life is depressing & miserable if you are not connecting with your core & your passions.

With a little coaching based around the messages I receive intuitively in sessions I am able to guide clients back to their forgotten hobbies & loves. If you get sucked into the grind of life spending so much time not doing what you love & going with the slog I can see it might be easy forget. Life shouldn’t be like that, it should not be difficult or Soul draining.

Just like everyone else I’ve been experiencing a lack of joy but on a slightly different level. I haven’t been giving myself enough time off to do some self-love. (Check out this post for more.) Yes I love building my business & being of service this does bring me great joy. My life is based around doing what I love but I do need time off to just put my feet up & watch a movie. December there hasn’t been enough of this.

Here’s a really simple technique that I use to remind myself to do some self-love when I’m in danger of being all work, work, work.

My business coach advised me to make a ‘Soul Nurturing List.’ On this list I have put everything that I love to do, that brings me joy & nurtures my Soul. All of these are non-business related. Nothing on this list will give me a financial reward & nearly all but two of the twenty things will cost me no money. Even better, Soul- nurturing that is FREE! Most do not involve travel either I can do them at home. You just need to get creative.

When it’s time for my breaks in the day or on my day off I usually have a pretty good idea what I wish to do for fun. However if I get stuck or need some inspiration I get the Soul-Nurturing list out. I can easily pick something off the list to do in my spare time.

Here are few examples from my list:

  • Reading
  • Painting or drawing
  • Walking
  • Exercise
  • Podcast (I’m loving Oprah’s free Soul Series right now)
  • Watch a movie
  • Baking
  • Self-healing
  • Horse riding
  • At home spa day – facial, hair treatment, manicure & pedicure
  • The list goes on….

The words ‘I’m bored’ shall never pass my lips that’s for sure.

If you have forgotten or just don’t know what brings you joy strip it back. Sit quietly somewhere, get comfortable & close your eyes. Breathe deeply & relax. Think right back to when you were a child. What was your favourite thing to do? Mine was to draw & paint or spend the day at the riding stables. These things are still in my life as an adult. You might like flower arranging, cooking, having a coffee with friends or walking alone on the beach. Everyone must have something they like to do. It’s just about remembering. It doesn’t need to cost money either. Most of mine don’t.

Go out there & give yourself some joy, it’s Christmas after all, a time to give back to yourself just as much to others.

With love K xx

Click on image to enlarge ©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013 (please share the love with full credit thanks)

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013
(please share the love with full credit thanks)