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Food Focus week kicked off yesterday. Those who follow my blog regularly will know I like to delve into the metaphysical realm. Just because I’m focusing on food this week doesn’t mean it can’t be spiritual as well!

I’m a huge advocate for keeping balance through all four of our bodies: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. If one is out of whack it will have a knock on effect to the other bodies. Food & nutrition can play a part here & throw our bodies into imbalance.

Everything in our universe is made up of energy. This energy can be measure in vibrational frequency. High vibration energy feels good; it flows & it is happy. That is why people on a conscious living path strive to raise their vibration because it brings us closer to the divine state – love & happiness.

Food is no exception. Different foods have varying vibrations. Higher vibrational foods come straight from the earth. Organic fresh produce is really the highest & best vibrational food you can eat. This is because to be certified organic no harmful, artificial chemicals can be used in its production. Food is our fuel it is also our medicine. The well known saying “we are what we eat” could not be more true.

We can heal our bodies from some pretty serious disease through balanced nutrition. Of course these programs are predominantly plant based. Eating straight from the earth means foods can retain it’s vibrational value. We are literally ingesting a part of mother earth. If fresh produce is put through processing & packaging methods the vibration is lowered. For packaged foods to have a longer shelf life some sort of preservatives have to be added. Again this will cause a vibrational decrease. The closest a food is to it’s natural form = high vibration.

It’s a no brainer to mention foods packed with processed sugar & alcohol are toxic to our systems. Anything that can dramatically alter our mind state, think sugar highs, does not say ‘balance’ to me. When a sugar craving kicks in there is an emotional reason there & it also means your low on the vital universal life force energy. If you eat high vibrational food, exercise & drink lots of water you will go through your day feeling balanced. There won’t be a need for quick pick me up’s as you’ll always be topped up on the right foods. I’m talking 100% from my own experience here. Feeling tired? Have a green smoothie!

I choose to eat a vegetarian diet as it suits my body & my lifestyle. I first gave up eating meat in my late teens. I will admit I was a bit of a rubbish vegetarian back then. The supermarkets in the UK stock a wide variety of processed vegetarian foods. It was far too easy to eat out of a packet with no fresh produce in sight.

When I first moved to Australia I did return to being an omnivore for a few years. Looking back now I was always bloated, my weight yo-yoed & my digestive system never seemed to be happy. Going back to being a vego I’ve experienced none of the above. Being older, wiser & more educated 🙂 I’ve got vegetarian cooking down pat now. Why buy packaged veggie lasagne when you can make your own straight from the garden.

My decision to return back to vegetarianism was also for energetic reasons. I believe when an animal is slaughtered for human consumption, no matter how humanly, it will still experience pain. This pain will then be held in the animals flesh on an energetic level. When we eat an animal product we ingest this pain into our systems. This can dull our vibration as our bodies take on this pain. Some people might not care too much about this. For my line of work I do. To be the clearest channel I can be for my healing clients I owe it to them & more importantly myself to have a clean energy field.

Another tip I’d like to share with you that may well be totally ‘woo woo’ to some so feel free to skip to the end is energy can be exchanged through the preparation of food too. How good does a home cooked meal taste that has been made with love? Good hey? The food has been infused with love & pure intentions that results in a lovely, tasty meal. We then eat the food, it tastes good & we feel good, as we’ve been passed on love through the food.

What is the person preparing the food is not happy, feeling down, angry & not in a good place? The opposite will occur. Their negative energy will be all over that plate of food & who ever eats it will take that on. This I feel may happen when you eat out at places where you don’t know who is in the kitchen. Is food poisoning to blame for upset stomachs? Probably but if two people have the same dish & only one gets sick what then? My take is the person who got sick may well be more sensitive to the dense energies that were in the food. Just something to think about…. (Warned you I would get woo woo!)

Don’t fret there is action you can take here & it’s really easy. By simply holding your hands over the plate of food (or drinks) you can charge it up using your own energy. I say a mantra as well when I do this I call upon my guides ‘to cleanse & bless this food with white light, please allow it to nourish me inside & out, thank you.’ It’s all in the intention to clear any dense energy away. You don’t have to use your hands, use your eyes or simply hold the intention in your mind before you hoe in.

I’ll leave you there with some energetic food for thought. Drink lots of clean, fresh water. Eat straight from the ground if possible. Most importantly enjoy your food, look after your bodies & be the best you can be.

Love K xx

p.s. For more information on this subject I highly recommend this book: Eating in the Light by Doreen Virtue.

Click on image to enlarge ©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013 (please share the love with full credit thanks)

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013
(please share the love with full credit thanks)

Photo courtesy of Ash’s veggie garden 🙂