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It is a sad reality but when we love something at some point we will lose it. The law of nature works quite simply that there must be an equal & opposite reaction to every action. Love, joy & happiness are mirrored with pain, sadness & loss.

To love is a great, great thing. I wouldn’t stop having this pleasure in my life simply to avoid the pain of eventually losing it. Love can go on for many years & the loss afterwards may be short. Sometimes there isn’t any pain with a lost love. We just fall out of love with something or someone so the transition is less painful. Either way the process of loving & losing is all part of life. It all comes back to ‘change.’ Change helps us learn, grow & evolve.

When we lose something we love we feel like a part of ourselves has gone too. The energy we attached to that love becomes a loss. If a passing over has occurred & a being is no longer physically on the same plain it feels like our loving energy went with them. Then we start the process of grieving.

I felt a huge loss at the end of last week when I was told my family dog in the UK, Harry Potter, had passed away. It was very sudden & unexpected. Being so far away from home & those who shared his love was very hard. Having not visited in person for two & a half years might have made it easier but it didn’t. I’d often connected with Harry on Skype & he still recognised my voice over the speakers.

Just the day before a friend noticed my photos of Harry & was asking about him. I happily shared who he was. Who knew twenty-four hours later he’d not be with us anymore.

It was a strange day I found out the news. That morning I read an announcement that a friend had lost her dear dog. I spent the day thinking & sending love to that situation. Then that very evening I was told Harry had gone too.

I didn’t announce the news straight away. I waited so I could have my own time & space to process it first. I still had a yoga class to teach the following day that I knew would be easier to get through if no one was aware of my situation. It’s easier to be business as usual if no one knows you’re hurting.

My morning meditation was deeply moving. I used a guided meditation designed specifically for assisting in the loss of family animals. I’d never listened to it before, as I hadn’t the need for it until now. It was a lovely journey especially as my other passed pets turned up too from over ten years ago. Floods of happy tears engulfed me. I’ve never cried in a meditation before it was a welcoming release.

Once I posted the announcement I went away for the night so I knew stay offline. Stepping back from the emotional side. When I logged back on a day later I was greeted with many beautiful messages of condolence. It was surprising how many friends from my hometown either remembered Harry or knew him in the dog walking circles. Messages came from all around the world. It really cements that our family animals are as much a big part of our lives as humans. For some even more so.

It is an end of an era though as my parents won’t be having any more animals now. There is still celebration to be had, happy times to remember. I’m blessed to have my Australian animals to assist me in the grieving process. There’s nothing more soothing than a cats’ purr or simply giving a big dog a hug.

I know Harry is in very good company as so many beautiful Souls have left this earth to go home this year. They’re not gone, energetically they are still with us & we will connect again.

Love K xx

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013
(please share the love with full credit thanks)