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Over the period of Mercury Retrograde (October 21st to November 10th) there was a huge push to get areas of our lives cleaned up. This meant physical cleaning as well as emotional. One Sunday morning what started with a quick rearrange & dust turned into an overhaul of my healing room. I hadn’t planned what was about to happen but the universe sure did.

Take a look at the photos below. Once I started moving things around and pulling open drawers I just couldn’t stop. I’m very good at hiding things away, out of sight out of mind. My drawers were full of stuff I was holding onto just in case. As you can see once I tipped them out the task ahead was epic. So much crap! One drawer was full of bits of cut off ribbon & craft materials. Seriously will I ever us a ten centimetre scrap of ribbon?

The room isn’t very big especially with my table up. When I have a session I need to reposition my table & my desk chair gets wheeled out to make space. I felt like this was a lot of effort especially as I’m conducting sessions more regularly. All that rearranging adds to my pre-session preparation. I decided I needed to loose some furniture so the table can stay put in one place.

After clearing out my drawers I stream lined the contents so I could totally get rid of one small set of drawers. The printer that sat on top was moved below the desk. A much better spot for it & it made better use of the desk that is designed to have a printer the lower shelf.

Then the fun started. The other two pieces of furniture went round and round in circles. I could not decide what felt right. I loved the space I created in the middle of the room by taking the big drawers away from the sidewall. It meant my table could stay in the one spot & I could get round it better. I just couldn’t decide where the drawers or shelves should go.

Finally I was too tried to drag the drawers around anymore & they stayed put by the door. The small shelves are in a better spot now as these house my metaphysical bits & pieces I use in sessions. I need these at easy reach. Stepping back & viewing the new room layout it feels so much better. All the furniture is away in one corner/wall, leaving a huge open space in the centre for my table. The energy really can flow round now with out any furniture blocking it’s path. My desk chair does not need to be moved out now. Actually it’s better it stays in so I have somewhere to sit whilst I talk to clients, makes it all the more friendly.

I realise now my room was craving this make over, it needed a switch up, and it was time for it to evolve. It’s amazing what happened next. The next day the phone & email went nuts with new clients enquiries. Business had gone a touch quiet. It happens, I don’t stress if it does. I feel the reason why was because the space I was working from had gone a bit stale. By cleaning it up & changing it around it’s vibrational frequency changed sending out messages to my clients that it was ready to receive them.

The same thing happened when I first set up the room. Once I set the intention that space was dedicated to healing & I left the table up all the time I had an influx of clients.

What I have learned from this is the space I work out of is a high vibrational entity just like me. This space is as much part of the healing session as I am. It will evolve with me as I grow & just like myself it will needs will change. I clear & cleanse the space energetically every day but now I realise as well as a physical clean it will need a rearrange from time to time. What worked with the layout before was fine for when I first started out. Now I need more space to get around & a chair to sit in as the after session coaching is getting longer.

Have you ever noticed how the energy of a room changes & shifts when you move around the furniture? Please share your experience in the comments below.

Love K xx

Click on image to enlarge ©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013 (please share the love with full credit thanks)

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013
(please share the love with full credit thanks)