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Daily mediation is part of my lifestyle. It was on my ‘most desired’ list for when I was creating the life I love to live manifestation. Depending on my schedule I usually practice my longest & deepest meditation, minimum half an hour, in the mornings. If I’m teaching yoga in the morning I try & fit meditation into the hour break I have between classes. If this isn’t possible I wait till I get home at lunch- time. This is great also to re-balance & relax me especially if it’s been a high-energy morning.

I love Friday’s, who doesn’t it. Even though my new life doesn’t fit the usual Monday to Friday mould anymore I still enjoy ‘the end of the week’ Friday feeling. Every second Friday is now my full day off, no teaching & I try to keep it free from healing sessions too. The other Friday in between I only teach one class at 6pm. Nice to have the whole day to do my desk related jobs.

Last Friday I woke up late for me, naturally at 8:30am. I must have needed the sleep & if I don’t need to set an alarm I won’t. I try to avoid technology if I can when I first get up or it’s too easy to get sucked into emails, social media or general ‘dicking around’ online. 😉 A nice cup of Yorkshire tea is in order though first whilst I go over my to do list. Then it’s time to meditate.

Friday’s guided meditation was calling to me as soon as I woke up. Usually I sit for a while & scan my meditations to see which one springs out at me. I already knew that Money & Wealth Manifesting by Elizabeth Peru was the one I needed on Friday.

It’s a very practical meditation that invites you to take notes if anything comes up for you. I know this seems strange at first, as isn’t meditation all about stillness, letting go & not thinking? There is a big difference between the thinking monkey mind rambling on & listening to the voice of your Soul.Meditation takes on many forms. This meditation is very ‘active’ & hands on. Inside every bodies heart centre (energetically speaking) there is a huge library of knowledge from many lifetimes to tap into. Mediation is the bridge to access this knowing. It takes practice but through consistent meditation you’ll get to discern the difference between the voices in your head.

Through my daily meditation I connect deeply with my Soul who knows 100% what is best for me. Throughout the Money & Wealth Manifesting journey ideas were literally pouring in on how I can create new business opportunities. My Soul was flooding me with hot new creative solutions to take my business to the next level. I chose to be still & let the process unfold, as I trust I will remember what I need to take away with me.  If you’re new to this for sure take notes. As soon as I finished I was off, pen in hand recording everything that had come through.

I did step away for twenty minutes or so. Took a shower, did some more cleansing rituals & then came back to my note-book. It’s good to give new ideas some space to breathe. If you pounce on something too quickly you can literally strangle the life out of it. Stepping back & then reviewing from afar I could really feel which ideas I should set rolling first.

Watch this space & the Seren Holistic Lifestyles FB page to see the results of how meditating can promote creativity, opportunity, abundance & ultimately joy.

Have a sensational day, love K xx

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013
(please share the love with full credit thanks)