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I was having a chat with a dear friend the other day about travel & holidays. Travelling is one of my favourite things it’s really part of who I am. Going over seas to experience different cultures and have a change of space is nurturing for my soul.

This year has been a bit unstable finance & career wise. I was sitting tight on any grand adventures, as I wasn’t sure what might happen. I’ve taken a few interstate mini breaks that have been great & just what I needed. Now I’m all settled running my own business I can plan a little more.

However now I am living the life I love there is no huge pull to go anywhere new just yet. Oh don’t get me wrong my bucket list of travel hot spots is huge but I’m more than happy doing what I’m doing right now. Contentment bliss. This is what my friend & I were talking about. We’re both really happy with our lives & feel no need to escape them.

Previously I did plan holidays as an escape route. Something to look forward too. This was especially true last Christmas I ‘needed’ to get away. I’d had a big year on the spiritual growth front & I desired to go to Asia to connect with some magical energy. I’d worked hard all year & needed a break. This is fine; time off from the day-to-day norm is very important & healthy. However it’s not good if you work hard all year ‘just to pay for a holiday to get away from the job that paid for it.’ Then feel sad when the holiday was over & you have to return to your desk. I feel I stayed longer in the corporate world just to earn money so I could escape it.

Now I’m out the corporate world I have so much freedom in my daily schedule. I’m getting that holiday ‘time out feeling’ every day. I get up without an alarm, waking naturally when I’ve had enough sleep is amazing. Most days it’s the exact same time. If I need to take an afternoon nap, relax or meditate at 2pm I can. I take my ‘me’ time in the same way I eat by grazing. A little bit at a time through out the day. Even ten minutes here & there is enough so I’m not getting stale, tired or burned out. These mini breaks aid my productivity.

Just the other week I had an hour between yoga classes & the studio is just a 2-minute walk from the beach. I took my breakfast down there to enjoy the morning tranquility. Who can complain about that! I feel so grateful for living & working in such a beautiful area why travel else where when I have beautiful beaches on my door step? Being by the ocean was a great place to re-centre & reflect before teaching my next class. Just like what I talked about in this post, disconnecting to reconnect.

Working for myself has really helped me break out of the ‘holiday as an escape’ pattern. I’m living a life I love, doing what I love every day & I don’t want to run away from it, I don’t need to escape my life. Yes I will continue to travel but for the right reasons now. Number one reason will be for personal growth & self-nurturing not to run away. This is what I desired my life to be like & now it is.

Thank you divine universe with massive gratitude.

Lot’s of love K xx

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013
(please share the love with full credit thanks)