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There is only four days of Mercury Retrograde to go now. I’ve really enjoyed it this time round. Probably because I’m in a good place to really notice the fluctuations of the energy. I’m sticking to my intention & letting any challenging situations simply wash through me. It’s working for sure as I’m feeling very breezy about it all.

I’ve mentioned before retro is the best time to implement changes. These changes I feel can be a lot out of our control, we may not get the exact result we indended. If you struggle with being a control freak I bet you’ll be glad when this is all over. I’ve let go of my reins where in the past I’d be gripping on for dear life.

How many people have had technical issues with electrical equipment? I sure have. Blog posts not sharing & email alerts not appearing. My phone would not hold a charge & for a few days wouldn’t even recharge. My design software was been painfully slow. With every single click the Mac ‘wheel of doom’ showed up. It was taking hours to get things done with the constant re booting to freshen things up. Again I’ve just rolled with it or used it as a good excuse to go tech free for a few hours.

One thing I paid attention too this time is what commenters of the retrograde always write about. Deals entered into at this time are subject to change. This can be good & bad depending on what you are trying to do. For me I am trying to sell my car. Not desperately, I’m not in any rush actually but I did feel two weeks ago it would be good for it to be gone by now.

How I came to be selling it in the first place was out of the blue & a bit random. It was a result of a manifestation I made four years ago coming to light unexpectedly. Anyway, I found a buyer but not after reducing the price to lower than I wished. I felt it was a deal done & then they pulled out. I let it go, as I said I’m not desperate.

Within a few hours of buyer one pulling out another buyer came forward who was super keen. Cool I thought, I’m loving the retrograde chopping & changing things it’s quiet fun. Again I lowered the price to accommodate the buyer. I changed my plans for the day to fit in with them viewing the car. Then they pulled out. I was a touch disappointed as I’d changed my day but I knew there was a reason for this happening.

I touched base with how I truly felt. I am in no rush to sell. From a paper work point of view it will make my life easier if I have the old car till my new car’s paperwork comes through. I have private plates & it makes the whole process easier if I can do a straight plate switch. If you’ve ever been to a WA licensing office you will get where I’m coming from, one trip is much better than two.

The main reason I feel these sudden changes are occurring is that I was selling myself short money wise. I kept lowering the price to fit in with the buyers. Okay yes it’s the norm to set the price & be prepared for some haggling. I had also disregarded my ‘lowest price’ bracket. The last offer I accepted was $1800 below than the replacement value the car is insured for. I can see why the universe is throwing me curve balls. I just need to sit tight & the right buyer with the right amount of money will present itself when they’re ready. The car is clean & safely stored away in a garage so it’s not in anyone’s way.

A few years back these sorts of broken deals or sudden changes would have freaked me out. Before I could not cope with things like that as I was constantly trying to be in control. Tight shoulders, headaches & anxiety would have been ripe. Now I’ve learned it’s easier to just surrender. Roll with it. There’s no use wasting precious energy on things that I have no power over.

As the Beatles put it:

Ob-la-di, ob-la-da life goes on brah, la la how the life goes on.

Have you had any plans suddenly change or unexplainable happenings over the past three weeks? Please share in the comments below.

Love K xx