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How’s everyone been feeling the past couple of weeks? Personally I’ve been feeling very challenged, a bit scattered & my head has been running away with itself. Due to the planetary activity right now it’s normal to be feeling a bit agitated & frustrated. We are being stirred, shaken & mixed up to the max.

When I’m moving forward & expanding my consciousness these periods are when I start to feel uncomfortable & tetchy. It’s new ground I’m breaking; I’m out of my comfort zone so it’s natural to feel unbalanced. This is the resistance I’ve talked about before, the equal & opposite force to everything. To move forward, to gain momentum there must be an opposite reaction like a pendulum swinging back & forth.

In order to keep moving in the right direction I’ve started to recognise these signs knowing it is all good & positive. The trick is to not give into the feelings of anger & start lashing out at others around me. It is hard, especially when I feel wound up. Right now I’m feeling overly sensitive & the slightest thing can set me off.

What do I do then when I’m feeling uncomfortable or irritated? I disconnect through meditation. Disconnecting from the physical world for even a few minutes a day allows me to reconnect again. I find my days are far more productive this way. Step away, then step back rather than going full tilt against it all & turning into one hot mess.

I start & finish every day with a meditation. My evening is shorter, more a reflection & a disconnect from the day. My morning routine involves at least a half an hour or more meditation. Usually a guided recording I listen to on my ipod. If I need more of a rebalance I’ll use my chakra crystals. It’s a really great way for me to start the day. It’s invaluable if I’ve not slept well or my night was a busy one in the astral realm. I try to meditate within half an hour to an hour of waking. If I start getting too involved with my work before I’ve had time to centre it’s extremely counter productive.

For example last week I could see my house needed cleaning, it was bugging me. I kept quickly wiping or dusting or tidying here & there, not really getting too involved, as I knew I needed to get my meditation in first. I walked away from it & disconnected.

After my meditation & some heart talk I was guided to write & do some design work for on here. My heart connection was very strong & ideas were flowing freely. Why waste this energy on doing mundane tasks that could wait till later when I was too tired to be creative? The cleaning was forgotten. It no longer irritated me because I was doing what I love first. Putting myself first & acting on my Soul guidance. It’s amazing how easy life is when I do this no struggle no doubt, no nagging thoughts. I just go.

I got so much done that day. Everything flowed, words were freely written and my creative juices were on fire. The cleaning did get done later on as I still made it a priority for afterwards. I just needed to step away from my busy head to gain some perspective.

Quite often my head will catch up with me later in the day & I get carried away again. Taking micro meditation breaks helps. Literally two or three minutes of sitting in silence breathing with my eyes closed, hands of my heart brings me back. Just like setting the reset button. I pull back from the busy, slow down & stop doing for a moment.

I step out of my box & imagine I’m watching from above. I am the director of my life, just like in the movies. In order to see the bigger picture I need to observe for a while, not always be playing out the lead role. When I’m in too close all I see is the one thing in front of me that I feel is super important.  From above I can see the bigger picture & the other things that are around that need prioritising first. Usually it’s what will benefit my growth & expansion more that then takes centre stage.

When ever you are feeling frustrated before it gets to boiling point take some stillness time. Disconnect so that you can reconnect fully back into you daily life refreshed & recharged. Pull back, be the observer & really see what you need to action first.

Let me know how you go!

Love K xx

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013

(please share the love with full credit thanks)