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“If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.” (1) Sorry I just could not resist being so cheesy today but there is truth in this introduction! Except the ‘A’ team I am referring to is not a crack team of commandos but the Angelic ‘A’ team, aka Angels.

Angels, yes you read that right. I bet 99% of us ladies (& some men?) once paraded down the school hall at least once dressed in net curtains & a tinsel halo for the Christmas nativity play right? This is the first image that springs to mind when the ‘A’ word is mentioned. This is how we have been ‘taught’ to perceive an Angel. Angels will present themselves to us in this way because this is how our human brains will be able to recognise them. We’ve learned that Angels are sent to earthly beings as messengers of God. I agree they are definitely messengers for Divine energy.

There are many ways to communicate with our Angelic guides. Today I’ll share with you one easy & safe method. I touched on the use of oracle cards in a few previous posts here, here & here. The cards I use personally for Angelic guidance are Doreen Virtues Angel Therapy Oracle divination cards & the full Angel Tarot cards. Card decks can be combined & used together, no need to just use one deck at a time.

I often use my Angel Therapy cards at the start of my Reiki healing sessions. Usually clients have questions or are aware of blockages holding them back. I find an Angel card selection is a nice way to set the intention for a session. It’s a good way to invite the right energies and guides in to assist if we have a starting point. I don’t always use the Angel cards I may use a different deck, it depends what I have intuited for my client before and when they arrive.

I find when the card is pulled messages start coming to me intuitively for the client. Sometimes it’s not the words on the card that holds the message. The image or symbolism on the card may resonate more meaning. Cards are stepping stones to get you thinking & connect with your inner library of knowledge. It’s all about owning & standing in your power, try not to give it away.

I use the Angel Therapy cards myself when I’m feeling the need for extra guidance. To get the most out of using cards for readings I find it’s best to use three or more cards. Three cards give a start, middle & an end point. That way you can find the link between cards & the messages run deeper. For a more in depth breakdown of a situation the ten card Celtic cross reading may be beneficial.  There are many different spreads & I create my own too. It all comes down to what you or your clients needs in that moment.

To expand my knowledge more on working with cards I took Doreen Virtues & Radleigh Valentines Advanced Angel Oracle & Tarot card reader course. Traditional tarot may come across as a bit scary with cards like Death & the Devil. The Angel tarot cards are lovely & safe. Any fear has been removed as they have been created from pure intention & love. The messages are gentle & the artwork truly stunning. No blood & guts!

This deck consists of the full 78-cards as in traditional tarot with both the Major & Minor Arcana cards. The 22 cards of the Major Arcana focus on important life events & milestones in life. The Minor Arcana is more day-to-day life events. The Angle Tarot deck uses the four elements Fire, Water, Earth & Air instead of swords, cups, coins,  & wands. With fourteen cards including the four ‘court cards’ Page, Knight, Queen & King similar to normal playing cards. Court cards can represent either a person or situation. There is plenty of meaning & depth of communication to be received.

The course was amazing & has got me really looking deeply into the correlation between the cards I pull. It’s time to bin the guidebook & work more freely with my intuition. Being a creative person I am really drawn into the imagery on the cards. The images are not just pretty picture. There is meaning & symbolism in there. Even when I pull the same card over and over I notice something new in there, be it a flower, a crystal or different colours.

Oracle card reading is an area I’ve touched on in the past, dipped my toes in to test the water. Now I’m feeling the passion to take it further into a professional service.

Check into the Seren Holistic Lifestyles FB page tomorrow, Wednesday 30th October for an exciting opportunity to share my love of Oracle card readings.

Love K xx

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