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If you’ve read any sort of metaphysical text you will have come across the word ‘manifest.’ Manifest means to ‘reveal’ or ‘to be evidence of.’ Manifesting is a way of making things happen in the physical world by holding the intention of it becoming real from within i.e. in the invisible world. Our physical worlds are the creation of pulling our ‘inner’ thoughts through to make them reality.

Originally this post was going in a different direction with an already structured layout. However the universe had different plans. It’s a big subject to cover & I feel two shorter pieces will be more appropriate now.

This past year I have really started to understand the power of manifesting. One of my favourite ‘manifesting tools’ is one I learned from Doreen Virtues book ‘The Lightworkers Way.’ Doreen firmly believes “nothing is truly lost under the eye’s of God*” (*Insert who ever you wish here, I use the Universe.) Once I started using this mantra & truly believing in it the magic started to happen.

That magic is happening right now, literally five minutes ago something amazing happened. When I thought I’d share this mantra a few examples came to mind. I grabbed an old notebook to look up some references I knew I’d written down & to my amazement an oracle card I was gifted fell out. I thought I’d lost this card to the point I thought I’d thrown it away in an old envelope. Yes there was rummaging through rubbish bags to no avail. I so strongly believed in Doreen’s mantra that nothing is truly lost I was a little sad when the card didn’t turn up in the bin bags.

I still held the intention strongly the card was not lost. It would turn up & be returned to me when it was ready. Three months later here it is again & it has been in arms reach on my bookcase all this time! It’s actually the card I wrote about it this post here. I feel I was so attached & had handed over all my power to it I was strangling it’s energy. Therefore it could not serve me properly until I let it go. Now I’ve detached my power & responsibility has been handed back to me. The card is back to assist me.

Magical real life examples happening as I write, love it.

Another example was when my partner lost his crystal pendant one evening in the garden. I’ve mentioned before we live on a farm so our ‘back garden’ isn’t the average size. He was gutted. There was such a vast space to cover to try to find the crystal it was literally a needle in a haystack situation.

I told him the mantra above. I think he was a little skeptical but went with it. Three days later when he was out mowing the grass he kicked something with his toe. It was his pendant, it had been returned to him.

If something does leave you for a while don’t think of your treasure as ‘lost’ keep the vision in your minds eye you still have it close by. See yourself with it, holding it & cherishing it. Then by setting the intention firmly in your mind that you will be reunited simply trust that you will be. What you put out to the universe you will receive back.

Welcome to the world of manifesting.

Sadly it won’t help you win the lotto. Manifesting doesn’t work if it is ego based or not for you higher good. Often our intentions are manifested in ways we may not realise at first, as we are too focused on a specific outcome.

I will say though from my experience the more you trust and work with the universal energy the quicker things do manifest. They are not always good or positive either if you’re not careful. This is powerful stuff, which leads me nicely into part two of this post coming next Tuesday… ‘Manifesting from a negative place.’

Love K xx

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013

(please share the love with full credit thanks)