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Over the past few weeks I’ve really noticed when I haven’t exercised as much as my body needs too. Just like stale air in our home can build up if we don’t open the windows & make the place feel yucky energy in our bodies can get stale if we don’t clear it out. I’ve been feeling sluggish & heavy within my body, not a good sign. We need to be flushing out our systems & moving the energy through to prevent a build up which then can manifest into physical symptoms. Exercise is perfect for that.

We are constantly evolving and what worked for me a year ago may not be having the same effect today. This is very true for how much exercise I need. I’ve pulled back on my yoga practice to a ‘maintenance’ level as far as my physical body is concerned. I’m not practicing half as many classes a week as I used too.

Another shift for me is that exercise is no longer about keeping the kilos off. This has been my biggest “ah ha” moment of late. In the past I’d slog it out at the gym, group fitness classes & at yoga with the aim of loosing or maintaining my weight. Epic fail. My weight was constantly yo-yoing. Once my focus shifted within & I ‘gave up’ focusing purely on weight loss magic things happened.

All the work I have done spiritually has made me realize how essential it is to work all four of my bodies in unison – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual in order to be balanced. When I was just focused on the physical body and disregarded the other three of course I wasn’t going to get anywhere. Inside had to change first in order to manifest on the outside. Once I realized this & listened to what my Soul was telling me literally my physical body took on the shape it was meant to be with a lot less effort and complicatedness. Soul is simple.

Sorting out my emotional baggage, getting on my spiritual path & focusing on doing what I love has been the best diet & weight loss program ever. I no longer need a layer of padding around my solar plexus to hide behind. The self-doubt has gone & so have the kilos. It was that straight forward for me*.

For the past year easing off the hard-core exercise has been good for me. It’s been about maintenance, relaxing, nourishing and taking it easy. It’s time to ramp it up again. As I mentioned above physical exercise goes far deeper into the invisible plane. I’ve started to notice the more healing & teaching work I under take the more exercise I need to be doing.

Why? I need to clear my system of any stale energy or emotions that might attach to me from my work. No matter how much protection or spiritual hygiene one does before or after a session a physical release is also needed. Exercising is part of my spiritual hygiene now. Energy, especially emotional energy, can get stored and stuck in every cell of our body. A physical flush out helps release this.

The Bikram Yoga I practice & teach is an amazing release for me. I can literally feel the blockages being sweated out my pores & left on my mat. Yoga of any kind is beneficial.  Yoga asana work deep into the body to a cellular level. It’s not muscles and joints that get worked out, the respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic & endocrine systems get a good going over.  The constant compression and extension of every part of our body inside & out helps flush fresh high speed oxygenated blood through it. Within this blood the stale energy is released & pushed through as well.

For example different energies get stored in different parts of our bodies. Self-doubt is stored in the stomach and fear in our kidneys. During a deep backward bend by compressing into our kidneys that fear is released. Ever get a bit scared when backward bending? It’s totally normal as its all that fear being released.

It’s important to keep our physical body strong & healthy in order to bring in more light. Light (love) raises vibration & assists greatly in the connection with Soul. Recently I’ve started getting headaches & feeling really lethargic. Signs I have not been releasing as much energy as I need to be. This has kept me away from the yoga room. When what I needed was to get in there! My vibration was lowering, as I wasn’t keeping on top of my practice.

Further assurance came when I took a well over due yoga class. I’ve missed yoga. I need it more than ever now to keep clean & clear. Lying in the pool of sweat, with the lights dimmed after class I was so at peace. Opening my eyes who knows how long later I was alone, content & lighter in more ways than one.

I’m sure my body and Soul will tell me when it’s time for a change again. Something new in the exercise field or just dial it down again. Till then the hot room is calling me home.

Love Seren xx

*Disclaimer – this is my own personal journey/experience. I’m not endorsing what I do is a magic way to loose weight & be healthy. Please seek professional advice before taking on a new diet or exercise program.

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(please share the love with full credit thanks)