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Being aware of synchronicities in my every day life is something I am really paying attention too now. They are confirmation I am flowing smoothly in the right direction.  I ordered this book a while back. When it arrived tucked inside was an oracle card from this pack. It was totally out of the blue & I didn’t expect to receive anything apart from the book. I got shivers when I saw Zeiah’s face shining back at me. This is the message about the card:

ZEIAH – Healing Priestess

You are going through a cycle of change. Enjoy the magic of it all. Open to the flow and this will allow the transition to be much smoother. Flow from one thing to the next noticing all the synchronicities and signs along the way confirming that you are in the right place. Love is pulling you forward. Fear will hold you back. Focus on love.

Keywords: Healing. Growth. Change. Love. Transition. Flow.

This message resonated deeply with me. It even speaks of synchronicities. I’ve been in the evolving process of accelerated change & growth for well over twelve months now. My life is moving very quickly on the path it should be now I have surrendered to following my heart. The universal energy is perfect right now for these changes & I feel very well supported.

What was most surprising was the presence of a Healing Priestess. Just twenty-four hours previous I received a rather eye opening Past Life Healing. It wasn’t a regression I was fully present & awake. I discovered that in three of my past lives (and possibly more) I was in fact a Healing Priestess. Before this session I’d not known that much about Priestesses & their work.

It was quite a personal experience so I won’t share too much as it’s something to be kept sacred. I will share that my most significant life that holds the most prevalence to this lifetime is when I was a highly respected Healing Priestess in Avalon.

I’d only just started reading ‘Lost Lands’ that covers Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon. (Another sign of synchronicity) I definitely skipped to the Avalon chapter to find out more once I got home.

My life in Avalon was all about healing, sharing and teaching others. I feel this is why I have been drawn to both professions in this lifetime. It also explains why my healing skills have felt so natural & have developed ‘easily’ for me. Teaching in any form feels natural & I love it. My intuition told me that I had walked the healing & teaching path before and to a greater extent. I’m definitely pulling that stored knowledge through today.

The life in Avalon did come to a not so happy ending. This created some unfinished business to be healed in order for me to step up to the plate in this life. I received some strong messages as to why my Soul is here in this life. However much I resist I will be pushed hard until I surrender. When I heard this I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off the table. I wasn’t being rude or a naysayer. My laughter was a release. I have literally felt the ‘push’ for months to get on with what I’m here for. I was resisting because of the guilt carried through from my Avalon days.

Now guilt has been healed & I’m whole again I’m more than ready to take action. This card is a solid message, another wee push to keep me heading down my chosen path.


Seren xx

Click on image to enlarge. Courtesy of Temple of Balance Publishing. 
 ©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013
 (please share the love with full credit thanks)

Click on image to enlarge. Courtesy of Temple of Balance Publishing. 

©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013

(please share the love with full credit thanks)