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With just four months left of the year I feel it’s time to take stock, step it up & get things done. I feel the current energy flow is quite frenzied. The end of the year is looming & there is such urgency to ‘get on track’ with things we might have been putting off before. It’s personal inventory time. Take responsibility for our own lives.

A lot have people have woken up (including me) to their spiritual journey over the past few years. Another term I like is ‘remembering.’ After all we are technically already ‘awake.’ We have remembered where we have come from and now we to need to figure out or ‘remember’ why we are here this time round. Finding out life’s purpose is high on the agenda for most.

At the recent Hay House publishing seminar I attended the vibe was much this frenzied high energy. I picked up on quite a ‘frantic & desperate’ vibe amongst the audience members, in a positive way. The search for answers, help & guidance was certainly ripe in the air. I can relate to this very much. At the end of May I was going through just that. I pushing so hard, really desperate to grow, to gain more knowledge without waiting to let what I already had remembered settle. I ‘needed’ to help others so badly (it’s part of why I’m here) I was shoving my knowing on everyone I could. This got me in some trouble when it wasn’t welcomed.

This search for answers was evident around the trade stands at the event. I wasn’t very impressed with the ‘scrum’ I endured to see what was on offer. I dunno maybe I was expecting a little more from a spiritual crowd. If I’d wanted elbowing in the face or books snatched out of my reach I’d have gone to the Harrods sale tee hee.

This is understandable people are seeking help. It’s hard to suddenly realize everything we have been conditioned to think may well not be one size fits all. We need to forge our own paths, our way. We then turn to those ‘in the know’ on the subject with the skills to tune into the invisible. They can help us understand what we are feeling or experiencing so over time we can learn to figure it for ourselves unassisted.

It’s very easy to hand over our power to those in the ‘spiritual spotlight.’ I was advised not long ago that the metaphysical community is rather like Hollywood. Everyone wants a piece and those in the ‘light’ are literally celebrities whether they like it or not. I’m learning the difference between seeking guidance & using other’s as a crutch. Don’t be putting people on pedestals.

It all come’s back to that personal inventory. Only you can sort yourself out. Take the advice and direction from teacher’s & mentors then make it work your way in your life. If you’re a sheep & follow along it doesn’t matter how great an idea it won’t work for you if it’s not come from you. It is tricky, it does take time to make it your own, in your own unique way.

Ask yourself  ‘are happy right now?’ Are you feeling unsettled, unfulfilled & bored? If you are what would you like to change in your life? Make a list of how you would implement these changes in a no holds barred world. Now go & do it! Stop holding back with if’s, but’s & perceived restrictions. The universe is pushing all of us to be in our excellence right now. You’re so well supported it’s ridiculous! Just trust.

I’m doing just that, trusting. I’ve been feeling the push to make a change in my life. It’s time. I know for sure 100% what I should be doing and it’s not what I’m doing. I’ve set the ball in motion, I’ve done my stock take & the resistance is flooding in fast. That is a sure fired signal of reassurance I’m on the right track with my decision on what to do next…

Watch this space! Ha ha I’m such a tease right?!

Love Seren xx

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©Seren Holistic Lifestyles Blog 2013

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