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It’s mini break time! I’m so excited to be getting out of the state for a few days of space change. It’s been six months since I had my last weekend interstate so I feel I’m well over due a quick get away. Whilst I’m out & about why not work in some metaphysics fun whilst I’m at it?

Hay House Publishing are hosting the ‘I Can Do It’ seminar in Melbourne this coming weekend. I’m only attending the Sunday event as I would like to spend some time sight seeing around Melbourne and catching up with my East Coast friends. Alas I will be missing Deepak Chopra & Dr Wayne W. Dyer BUT I get to see Doreen Virtue!!!

Doreen is my main drawn card for this event. Two whole hours of Angelic talk & hearing about her new book The Miracles of Archangel Gabriel. I’m a huge fan of Doreen’s books and oracle cards. It’s a good job I’m travelling with hand luggage or else I’d be stocking up on the retail stands. (Hmm oracle cards don’t take up that much room/weight?!)

The other Sunday speakers look very interesting too. Especially Sonia Choquette who will be talking about tuning into your intuition ‘to transcend the strictures of an ego-driven existence and experience the joy and fulfillment of a intuitively-guided, Spirit-driven life’. This resonates greatly with how I live my life now & I’m interested to hear someone else techniques & experience in this area.

Dr Joe Dispenza’s lecture looks fascinating, ‘You are not doomed by your genes and hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of your life.’ I love this, so many people I talk to are all about ‘it’s hereditary, there’s no escaping it coz it’s in my gene makeup.’ I’d like to hear the other side of this that maybe hereditary will become a thing of the past?

All very exciting. To top it off I have a healing session booked in with my mentor too on the way home. Will be great to touch base again in person and finish the weekend off with some self-care.

Enjoy your day everyone!

Love Seren xx

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