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“It’s love that makes the world go round!” W.S. GILBERT, Iolanthe

Welcome back to my crystal-healing segment. I’d taken a hiatus for a while here, not sure why exactly. Then last week I had a huge pull to talk about crystals again. I’m never far from a crystal, maybe less than thirty centimetres. It makes sense for me to start writing again about something that is an everyday part of my life.

Today I shall introduce you to a combination of crystals that may assist in attracting or maintaining that loving feeling!

Disclaimer: This is just my personal take of how certain crystals can work together in a positive way. This is not a set in stone (pun ha, ha!) method to snag the man or women of your dreams 😉

Personally I like to use these crystals for my own self-love stimulation. If I’m happy and outwardly glowing I hope that will rub off on those around me. Like everything in life it is in the intention you set before you start that is important. I set my intention to bring extra love & peace into my day by combining certain crystals together.

Here are my five love crystals of choice:

Rose Quartz: This crystal is pure love everything about it even the colour radiates happiness & joy. A fantastic crystal for healing the heart & emotional wounds as it brings calmness and balance. Rose quartz can promote self-love from within which in turn will open up the channels to give & receive love from others. Wear it next to your heart chakra for some extra loving.

Smoky Quartz: Great for dissipating negative emotions especially fear & promoting positive thinking. This allows passion & love to flow freely from the heart. A useful crystal for assisting in communication matters.

Jade: Very symbolic in ancient China for attracting love. Jade is the symbol for harmony, beauty, health, wealth and wisdom. It can assist in balancing emotions & purification. The green colour is also associated with the heart chakra.

Carnelian: A great motivator that enhances physical energy. A real pick me up. It can assist you in stepping into personal power to create success, joy & happiness by opening up the heart. The deep orange colour is associated with the sacral chakra.

Citrine: The stone of abundance. This is one of my favourites to work with. I am especially drawn to its sunny yellow colour. Citrine has the power to dispel fear, anxiety and anger. Replacing it with joy & happiness. It can assist in building self-confidence & bringing about fresh starts. Citrine is very good at clearing blocked energy in the solar plexus.

Work with these crystals any way you are drawn to. I place clusters on my desk whilst I work or I carry them on me in my pocket or round my neck. You may wish to lie down & place them over the associated chakra whilst you relax. Go with your intuition there is no right or wrong way to use crystals & they won’t cause you any harm. Don’t forgot to regularly cleanse your crystals to clear any residue build up.

Lots of sparkling crystal love,

Seren xx

Seren Love crystals