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Smile! How good does that feel to stretch those cheek muscles. It takes less muscles (& energy) to smile than to frown. So why don’t we do it every minute of the day? That might be creepy & result in an aching face.

Back when I lived in London taking the underground every day to get around there was an under written rule to not make eye contact on the tube let alone smile at people. You would be classed as a nutter, stared at and possibly assaulted ‘apparently.’ How sad is that hey?

Since I’ve transformed my life into one lead by Soul – love & happiness radiating, I find myself smiling at random people (strangers) all the time especially on the train. I am ‘that’ person now! The one I used to fear or class as a crazy. It’s so nice to send a stranger a smile. The reception I get is so wonderful. How can you not welcome and recipitate a beaming smiling happy face? I get more people smiling back at me than scowl.

Just this morning as I was walking to the ticket barriers at Perth underground I saw the ticket inspector sitting on his stool. I was totally in mid walking meditation mode so I wasn’t 100% present in my physical body. I half smiled as I tagged off. The inspector then said “only half a smile today?” I stopped turned on my heel and said in my most cheery, heart felt voice “I’m so sorry, good morning how are you today?” He beamed back and said it looked like I was in my own world so that was okay. We shared a few more seconds of conversation before I headed off on my way with a full smile on my face.

I’m always dropping into my yoga classes the suggestion to ‘smile.’ Especially when I can see my students are struggling hard. It instantly lightens the energy and takes the serious edge off. It helps your body relax too, releases tension and floods your body with light. Smiling puts people at ease. I often finish my classes & my face is aching. One of my colleagues told me she could feel my smile through out the whole class. Job done. Smiles radiate love and that is what makes the world go round. Remember the law of nature what you give out you instantly receive back.

Give it a go smile freely and openly today, no fear or judgment. Shine your light bright!


Happy smiling Seren xx

Seren Smiles

Image credit: http://www.smiley-faces.org/wallpaper/smiley-face-wallpaper-014.jpg