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It’s so cold at the moment. I know it’s ‘officially freezing’ when I have to scrape ice off my car windscreen even when the sun has come up. What better way to warm up from the inside out than a lovely steaming hot cup of herbal tea? I’ve mentioned many a times before one of my favourite brands is Yogi Tea. Sadly though not being an Australian brand pushes the price up to $8.90, if not more in some shops.

For another reason I found myself on the USA based website iherb recently. To my delight I discovered they stock Yogi Tea for HALF the price it is here. I was already ordering some other products and with a flat rate of $4 (under 1.8kg) for postage I stocked up on tea.

Here’s what I got: Calming, Bedtime, Ginseng Vitality and Women’s Energy.

Yes I know that the two of the left seem very similar to each other as do the two on the right. However they couldn’t taste more different. The calming is great during the day without whacking me out too much. The cinnamon, orange & ginger in the Women’s blend is delicious in the afternoon to keep away the 3pm munchies.

Tea’s up! Love Seren xx

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