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This post has been in the making for a while now. Like most new discoveries (or old rediscoveries) I like to integrate them into my life first & see how they resonate. It’s too easy to think ‘that is amazing’ be all over it, shouting from the rooftops about it.  However if I have not taken the time to ‘live’ this new finding by putting it into action in my own life I feel I cannot fully embrace it or write about it. With todays subject I have been living with the concept every day for many months and now I feel I’m ready to share my findings.

Let’s talk about mirrors. Those shiny glass things that reflect back to us many different images. Some images are pleasing to the eye, some may be a nice surprise, whilst others may shock and disappoint. Now I may mess with your head with this next bit. Forget the ‘actual’ mirror, the physical object kind. Now look around you where ever you are, you are in fact looking into a mirror. You are sat in a room full of mirrors. Everything around you is a reflection of ‘you.’

It is a bit tricky at first to grasp this concept, especially with our conditioned human brains. We are all made of the same essence from the same source in the universe that is unconditional love. Therefore we are all ‘ONE’, the same. That great Asian term “same, same but different” might help. We are all from the same source yes but we are each unique projections of our souls separated into individual human bodies. Underneath that physical body we are all the same energy, light or love what ever you’d like to call it. Therefore when we look at each other we are looking at ‘ourselves.’ Following?

This analogy has really helped me this year to get my head around some issues that in the past would have sent me into a rage. Recently a lot of past hurts, some from many, many years ago, have come back to the surface for me. (With a little help from Chiron turning retrograde on 15th June) Some past hurts were quite small & I’d all but forgotten about them so it did surprise me when they suddenly reappeared in my conscious mind. It made me realize that these wounds, no matter how small, still carried some weight for me and now I was ready to heal them in order to finally let them go.

How does the mirror talk fit in? The old hurts that I have been carrying around were actually a reflection of my own behavior in other situations. For example when someone is yelling at you they are actually showing you a reaction that you yourself have inflicted on someone else. At first it’s easy to over react back, rant, rave and stomp off fuming. With my past hurts I’ve been questioning “what is being shown to me here that I need to deal with inside of me?”

For me to be hurt by someone else’s actions or judge their behaviour means I must recognise this action/behaviour inside myself first. ‘Takes one to know one!” I look back at the situation and put myself in the other person’s shoes. Seeing the situation from their point of view I can relate it back to times in my life when I have reacted in the same way. I was doing things to them that I myself would have found annoying or offensive in some way if the roles were reversed. When you look at someone knowing you are actually looking at a reflection of yourself you really start to see people differently.

For example if a yoga student I am teaching is not responding to my corrections it’s easy to get frustrated with them as I think they are not listening. In fact ‘I am the one not listening’. Looking back to when I first started yoga I bet I didn’t react to every correction I was given because I probably didn’t understand what I was being told or I was physically/mentally not ready for it. It’s humbling to review life in this way.

To go even deeper into this analogy the mirrors reflect back any emotion we transmit as well. When we hurt someone else we are actually only hurting ourselves. Those negative energies we spit out at someone, anger, hate and resentment are instantly re-given back to us. Likewise if someone is screaming at you they are actually just screaming at themselves. Much more better to send out love.

This is how we attract like with like. Now I am aware that I must always treat others with kindness and respect (And myself, self-love is a HUGE factor too, how can anyone love me if I don’t love myself first!). If I’m mean and nasty I’ll only bring about pain on myself as well as others. I’ve noticed I am no longer attracting people who drain my energy with their constant moaning and bitching because I am no longer moaning and bitching. It is so wonderful to be surrounded by loving, like mined people because I am projecting kindness and joy.

Digging deep I can see the lesson’s I can learn from this, how far I’ve come and how I would not repeat this pattern again. I needed reminding of certain past hurts, as maybe I was on the verge of repeating them all again. We will keep repeating lessons/situations in life until we learn and grow from them. Now I can really let go of these hurts, heal & move forward.

I invite you to give this a go. See everyone as a reflection of you and you a reflection of him or her. Don’t hurt yourself by hurting others. Respect each other and treat others just how you would like to be treated yourself, as that’s exactly what you are doing. If in doubt, no matter how tempted you are to hate, just love. It takes practice, be patient.

Big love,

Seren xxx

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