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Something rattled my cage recently & fired up a spark. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion for sure I respect that but when people I care about get attacked for doing something they truly love I jump up to defend them. Especially when I believe what they are doing is helping the world not exploiting it.

It’s always been a hot subject when it comes to paying for spiritual services. Money is a form of energy exchange it is the way our world works, it brings order and meaning to material goods and services in a fair way. The issue I am bringing to attention is some people believe spiritual services should be free. It is a delicate subject but this discussion can be applied to any service provider, not just the spiritual ones.

I read a comment on FB where someone got very upset about an advert for a professional spiritual service. They were ‘sick of it being about money’ and ‘didn’t like those who feed off those in need.’ Neither do I. I am sure there are business services in all fields out there that aren’t above board and do dodgy things that may be seen as ‘praying on the needy.’ This comment was targeted at a service very dear to me that I know to be 100% genuine, authentic and I was more than happy to pay for. The business in question provides ample complimentary advice daily so it did get my back up that it was being attacked.

Okay here is the issue. The answers you seek are inside of you, every single one us has an infinite library of knowledge imprinted in our Soul for us to access. This spiritual knowledge is free. It is up to us to access it out of our own free will. We also have the ability to heal ourselves and even stop ourselves from developing dis-ease in the first place. However because some of us get ourselves in all sorts of fixes and tangles where our heads are so busy we can’t see the wood for the trees we may need extra help. Help from more experienced people to teach us how to tap into our inner information bank.

Metaphysical mentors and healers provide services just as a personal trainer, life coach or therapist does. These services involve time giving & I believe in paying that person for their time. It’s their time and guidance I am paying for to help me access the ‘free’ information from within. This monetary exchange keeps the balance. Would you get an hours training from your PT then not pay them? Water is a basic human essential need yet we all pay our water rates. If we all knew how to access our free spiritual knowledge for ourselves then I wouldn’t even need to be writing this post.

I feel it is truly wonderful that the gifted Earth Angels amongst us can earn an honest living from charging for their services. The work they do is amazing and why should these people have to give it away for free because someone decided ‘spiritual’ shouldn’t be charged for. They would be stuck in Soul destroying jobs that are not their passion just so they can pay the bills. I for one needed some spiritual guidance, I found a professional service I believed in & was happy for a monetary exchange to happen. It feels good to support these wonderful people in making a profession out of their natural talents. Everyone’s got to eat right?!

There are healers & mentors that only work for donations, trades or pro bono. If you do not wish to pay then seek out one of these people who offer just as good service.

This topic resonates even deeper for me. I am at the stage now with my own healing work that I am ready to place monetary value on my services. If I eventually want to give up my office job and earn a living from my holistic work this is a natural progression for me. My dream of owning my own business & managing my own brand is slowly becoming a reality.

For years I gave away my graphic design services for free. With my crippling self-doubt I didn’t feel worthy or good enough to charge people so I just gave it away for free. Deep inside my Soul was crying out for me to step up to the plate and own my worth. I ended up giving so much away it caused me great pain. Now I charge correctly and people are happy to pay me for the service I provide. Those who still want something for nothing do not even approach me now.

I hit the same mental roadblock again when I was given my Reiki Masters blessing to start charging for my healings. She explained to me the extra factors I had to consider when setting my price. Reiki isn’t just a one-hour session. There is preparation & continued development involved behind the scenes that clients don’t see. I work from home yes but I pay rent and bills for that space this also needed to be considered. I did feel awkward setting a price as the people who let me practice on them when I was learning were now the people whom I would charge.

Following the advice I was given I set my prices after deeply meditating for the answer. The answer came. I set my price and told my clients. I owned my decision. No one questioned and some were even ecstatic that I was taking payments. They’d actually been hanging out to pay me in money rather than bring gifts.

Paying for spiritual services isn’t for everyone. For me I am in support from both sides of the table. Professionals in the spiritual industry have just as much right to earn a living from their gifts as everyone else. They assist people in becoming the best they can be from a place of pure intent & unconditional love. I invite you to support them if you can or wish.

Love Seren xx

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