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For someone who has never had any medical procedures apart from the routine one’s blood test, blood pressure etc. to have two major surgeries in one year is quite epic. The first was the removal of all four of my wisdom teeth after years of agony & British dentists refusing to take them out. On my first visit to an Australian (British trained funnily enough) dentist I was told those teeth had to go. It would be a day surgery procedure with full on general anaesthetic (my first). It went very well & I’ve not had any post surgery problems.

The second surgery came about eight months later. Since the age of 15 or 16 I had an epidermoid cyst next to my left ear. It started off as an acne pimple from which the pore must have been blocked resulting in a build up of epidermis causing the cyst. I was always aware of it but being a teenager ignored it despite people commenting on ‘what is that lump on your face?’ The cyst was not weeping or painful. It was just there. As you can see from the below photos it was quite large, how I could just ignore that I do not know. I grew my hair and kept it covered.

Over the years I Googled what it could be leading to a self-diagnosis of it being an epidermoid cyst. Looking back now it is something I should have checked out ASAP, it could have been malignant. However as it didn’t grow or change appearance I was pretty confident it was a cyst.

My journey of awakening to a Soul lead life really helped me get on top of the physical manifestation on my face. It was in a kinesiology session that I was told that the cyst was unbalancing me. The therapist who was also beauty trained took a keen interest in my cyst. She gave me an organic herbal treatment to try to see if it would reduce the size. A friend also tried crystal healing on it in a Reiki session.

Last year I came to realise that the cyst had grown at a time I was going through some super emotional things in my teenage life that I wasn’t facing up to. I wasn’t listening to what I was being told, trying to hide from hearing the worse. The result was the build up and manifestation of the cyst next to my left ear. Left being our spiritual and feminine side. My situation involved a female friend who was terminally ill.

Nothing metaphysical worked. It was time to get it sorted out. I asked my GP about a surgical removal. She said it was a very delicate area next to my ear that had some pretty important nerves attached. Confirming my diagnosis that it was an epidermoid cyst which 99% were not cancerous I was advised to leave it.

A friend who is very well connected in the surgical field took a special interest in my ‘lump.’ To the point she got me a consultation with an eye surgeon who was able to refer me to a specialist plastic surgeon. Everything happened so quickly from then. The plastic surgeon took one look at my cyst and was confident he could remove it with the help of an ENT specialist. Within two weeks I was booked in for the procedure under local anaesthetic.

It was a quite a bizarre day. Having my cyst removed after an 18-year relationship was moving. It was time for me to let go of the emotions that caused it to develop in the first place. I was ready to literally have that part of my life cut out and be gone. I was ready. Eighteen years is a long time. However it fitted perfectly with the ebb and flow of the universe. Eclipses move in eighteen-year cycles too.

I took myself to the surgery as being under local I didn’t need someone to drive me. It was strange laid on the operating table, fully awake, with the drape over my head whilst the doctors scraped and cut away the appendage. I couldn’t feel a thing. I was very confident in the surgeon’s ability and was reassured having the ENT specialist there guiding the scalpel away from my precious nerve endings. I was warned I could loose the feeling in that part of my face. It might effect my eye or mouth movement but this I was told is rare. The nurse quickly showed me my cyst once it was removed but I couldn’t see it properly.

It was all done and over with within 30 minutes. I did get to see the cyst after in the specimen bottle. It had to go to the lab to be checked so I couldn’t keep it. Gross I know, why would I want to keep it! It was fine, as predicted not malignant just a solid ball of skin crap. I took myself home & was back in work the next day.

This surgery was massive for me. I did feel so balanced afterwards & still do. I’m no longer carrying around years of denial or hurt. I was free. The healing process was amazing too. I had no problems at all. I wasn’t given any drugs just Vaseline to keep it from drying out. Once the stitches were removed I used organic rosehip oil to help the scarring. Within a few weeks there was no sign the cyst was even there. Nearly a year on all I have is a tiny white line. This was more confirmation that the time was right for the cyst to be removed. I even had my hair cut really short as I no longer need the hair to hide the cyst behind. My mentor even commented she felt I would do this and even cut my hair shorter, which I did. All part of the process of me living to my purpose and letting the true me shine.

When your mind is in the right place and your Soul is guiding you on the correct path the outcome will be nothing but positive. I am so happy I had the cyst removed. The times I was told it couldn’t be removed I can see now it wasn’t the right time for me to let go. As soon as I was ready the solution was presented to me simply and the process flowed. The universe was just waiting for me to be ready it won’t and can’t step in unless we give consent. That was given and off we went!

Love Seren xx

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