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Leading up to last weekends Super Full moon and the birth of a new family of eclipses the energy was highly charged. Those sensitive to planetary activity were having quite the roller coaster ride. Even if you didn’t know you are sensitive you probably felt something a little different going on.

For me I was buzzing with ideas and actioning them on a creative level. On the down side I was very tired and my whole body hurt. Think flu symptoms without the flu. I dragged myself through two challenging Bikram yoga classes where I struggled and strained in an attempt to release what ever was in there causing these physical manifestations. Friday the 24th May rolled round & I was done. I just wanted to curl up on a cosy bed to relax and absorb the power that the universe was sending me.

Recently I found a wonderful blog & FB page from an intuitive healer & passionate Angelic channel Amy. True Shining Self is a realm of love & passionate oozing with authenticity. On Amy’s FB page on Friday she posted this status:

*Oracle Card* – especially for you

Happy Friday everyone! I’m free for the next 15 mins. Say ‘YES’ in the comments below if you would like me to pull an oracle card for you.
(In case you’re not familiar with Oracle Cards, they act as messengers – they relay what you need to know about a situation or give guidance in moving forward)

I was all over this one. I love a good scry with the cards. I have a few boxes myself but it’s always nice for someone else to draw one for you. The cards Amy used are Doreen Virtue’s Magical Messages from the Fairies oracle cards.

Here is what I got:

Your card is ‘Dietary Change’ – your metabolism is extremely sensitive, your guides have been giving you messages and this card is a validation that you have been hearing them correctly. As you improve your diet, so do you heal other areas of your life.

Cards are very subjective & if you don’t believe in their power that is just fine. I do & this one hit the spot. I have been a bit slack the past three weeks when I should be upping my game and keeping on top of my diet. With the planetary activity being high and I was being called to action I should have been fuelling myself better.

My metabolism has been crazy busy of late. Everything I’ve eaten has been burnt up in a flash. (Lucky me but not when you need some heaviness to keep your feet on the ground) I needed some good plant based nutrition and lots of warming grounding foods these past few weeks. I did the latter no problem but the former I had slacked off. Since the weather has turned chilly I’ve not been craving my green smoothies in the morning. Instead I had toasted homemade banana bread. What I should have done was make hot, thick, wholesome soup. But I didn’t. My body really took a hammering without it’s hit of liquid veg. I haven’t been taking my whole food supplements either. A whole week has passed since I finished a bottle & just hadn’t remembered to pull out & start a new one.

Hence the flagging energy I felt after bursts of creativity. I wasn’t nourishing myself enough to keep going. My guides sure have been telling me to get my act together. I’ve even passed messages onto others about food this cycle. Yet I cruised along in a rut not addressing the issue I needed too. Time to get my veg on! Lot’s of warming soups, curries, brown rice risotto & quinoa bakes. I have pumpkins & sweet potato a plenty in my garden all ready for a big coconut oil roast up.

Side note: I just took a break from writing to make a green smoothie & boy does it taste good. When you follow your Soul’s advise nothing but good comes from it!

Thank you Amy for a giving me the card I needed to take action on. It’s wonderful to be in tune with you guides but if you don’t act on their advice immediately you end up breaking down which is just what you wanted to avoid by asking for guidance in the first place.

Love Seren xx

Seren Oracle card Soup

Image Credit: http://newfinmysoup.blogspot.com.au/2010/10/autumn-vegetable-soup.html