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After reading this article by Glamour Magazine I posted on FB on Monday that I’d like to call ‘the truth about sushi’ I wasn’t surprised I’d not eaten any for a long while. Sushi has become a ‘healthy option’ on the fast food menu. Most cities have sushi shops dotted around. It’s convenient and quick. This article really uncovers what nutritional value sushi actually has. Would you go green at the thought of eating two full processed fish sandwiches for lunch but would welcome an eight pack of spicy tuna rolls? They are pretty much the same, big on carbs and low on the good stuff, protein and veg.

Don’t get me wrong I do like sushi, it’s tasty but it kills me. After eating a sushi pack I’d feel satisfied for a while then that huge sugar hit would kick in from all the white rice. Riding the buzz for an hour was great then I’d crash, feeling bloated, sluggish & hungry again. I realised sushi was the culprit so decided to reduce my intake. I barely touch shop bought sushi, unless I’m really desperate.

When I make sushi at home I use brown rice that has been soaked for at least 12 hours to make it more digestible & wash out some of the starch. Last year I invested in a Sushi Express that makes the job so much simpler & less messy. I also discovered the raw food version of sushi that uses cauliflower instead of rice. Perfect!

Raw cauliflower sushi is super simple. I’ve adapted my own version from a few different recipes over time. I break up half a head of cauliflower into florets, whack it into the Thermomix and blend it up for a few seconds. Then add half an avocado to the mix with some pink Himalayan salt and a squirt of lime or lemon juice. Then give it a mix together on reverse. This can all be easily done in a food processor too. The cauliflower will look like rice grains once it’s broken up.

Lay out the nori sheets and spoon the cauliflower mixture on just like you would with the sushi rice. Add whichever raw veggies you like. I usually use cucumber, tomatoes, avocado, carrot and for a non-vegan version some Brie or herby soft cheese.  Roll it all up and you’re away. Cut with a really sharp knife and eat immediately. I’ve found these raw rolls do not keep. Even wrapped up tightly in the fridge they perish pretty quickly and stink the kitchen out (or the kitchen bin at the office opps).

Enjoy! Love Seren xx