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I’m the kind of gal who likes to put on a bit of ‘slap,’ other words know as make up. It makes me feel good and I enjoy the process. Maybe it’s the artist in me coming out, as I’m literally painting my face. I only wear make up when I go out or to my day job. Weekends are au natural.

During my transition to a more healthful lifestyle it came into my awareness that everyday beauty products are full of nasty chemicals. Our skin is our biggest organ and just like everything in nature it’s a two-way gate. Toxins can be released out through our skin so toxins can easily be absorbed back inside.

My focus on todays post is all about make up. There are many ‘natural’ claiming brands out there on the market. Oh I do love a good ‘green washing’ debate. All I advise is to read the ingredients label of your products. If you can’t pronounce the word or have no idea what it is then find out. You might be surprised. Products such as foundations, blusher, eye shadows and lipstick may well contain toxic ingredients such as petrochemicals, bismuth oxycholoride, GM products, talc and fillers. These chemicals can be equated to allergies, irritations, fertility problems and even cancer.

After hours of online research and a good Soul conversation I felt it was time to clear out my make up bag. It’s a good idea to do this every twelve months anyway as products do have a use by date. Most of my products were coming up for chuck out time so out they went. I literally opened the bin and tipped the contents of my make up bag in it. Yes a little drastic but it’s what ‘I’ felt I needed to do.

The cosmetics brand I now use is INIKA. You can read all about the founder Miranda Bond’s story here. My favourite brands have always been developed with a solid personal story behind them. Miranda was struggling with fertility issues that lead her onto a holistic path. This lady walks her talk and developed INIKA cosmetics as a result. A 100 percent natural beauty brand incorporating mineral makeup, vegan and organic products that are completely free from synthetic chemicals and harmful ingredients.” INIKA products are lush. The eye shadow stays on all day, even during the Australian summer. I love the mineral powder foundation that gives great coverage even on my oily days.

With my blusher I decided to try a different brand, Elusyion. I preferred their colours after test-driving some sample packs from an awesome website Naturally Safe. (You can test drive nearly all the products in small 2 serve bags) I compared the ingredients between the Elusyion blusher with the very popular Clinique blusher. Twenty-two ingredients for Clinique (including some nasty’s) compared to seven in the Elusyion. Click here & here to see for yourself.

Okay I’ll put my hand up and be honest with you before I come across as too holier than thou. One product did not go straight in the bin. My final push at my make up overhaul was to quit waterproof mascara. It was my favourite thing. No panda eyes for me. I’ve used it since I first started wearing mascara aged 14 or 15. It was my first make up discovery. Waterproof mascara is probably the evilest thing out there and it goes next to one of your most precious commodities, your eyes. Full of chemicals to make it water resistant this mascara is similar to oil or solvent based paints. The time it takes to remove or scrub off with special oil based remover should be a good enough indication it has no business near your body. The first toxin free mascara I am test driving is Earth Lab Cosmetics 100% Natural Raw Mascara, so far so good. It is so light & natural I even forgot I was wearing it and gave my eyes a good old rub. When I realised what I’d done I checked my eyes and no smudging!

Since switching to the toxin free cosmetics my skin has been a lot better. Cleaner and clearer, it has a healthy glow, it is happy. I look back on how I’d cover the signs of toxin overload (pimples, rashes, flaky skin) with more toxins, i.e. mainstream make up. Toxins on top of toxins. Some may say why not get rid of cosmetics altogether, this would be better wouldn’t it? For me, as I’ve said I like to wear makeup. What counts is how I feel inside knowing I am not adding unnecessary toxins that can be avoided by wearing natural brands.

Check out the image below with a quick break down of how many chemicals there are and the most worrying in a selection of our every day products.

Do you wear chemical free makeup? Share your favourite finds in the comments below.

Love Seren xx

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