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A couple of posts ago I talked about energy cleansing. Focusing on balancing the invisible energies that get trapped in your physical environment. I learned a great lesson over the long Easter weekend. I pay a lot of care and attention to my energy cleansing rituals but I often over look the physical cleansing. Yes the housework!

To make room in my schedule for the things I love doing that enrich me my house suffers which until now I didn’t much care about. Slowly over the days and weeks the clutter and dust gather. I do a quick clean every weekend, vacuum, tidy, put away. I clean around furniture, only moving what I need to. The kitchen and bathroom always get a good thorough scrub each week. I’m not that disgusting. However I don’t do a big clean very often. The kind that involves pulling out all the furniture, taking up the rugs, removing everything off the shelves and tables and really getting into the corners. Washing the curtains and cleaning the windows.

This is just what I did on Good Friday. The whole afternoon was spent cleaning. It’s amazing how much dirt gathers underneath the sofa and on the bookshelves. Behind the TV on the mass of cables resided a thick layer of dust. I live on a very sandy farm and my floors are tiled so dirt just piles up quickly and it’s hard to keep on top of it so I don’t. I shudder to think what would be lurking inside carpets if I had them.

What I observed and learned from this experience is physical dirt and clutter creates it’s own invisible negative energy. Just like physical objects in our environment can absorb external energies, they can create them too and become transmitters. Dirt and dust are stagnant, not moving, decomposing, depressing. The energy this dirt creates emits outward and makes the environment ‘feel’ stagnant too. Total no brainer I know! This negative energy is passed onto us as we live & breathe it in. It’s Natures law of giving and receiving. We get back just as much as we put into our environment. There is no escaping it. We breathe out so we must breathe in, inhaling all those energies, good & bad from the space around us. This will affect our physical wellbeing.

Everything around you is a reflection of you. A cluttered house is a reflection of a cluttered life. You are transmitting that clutter from within into your physical world. If you share your house it may be your partner bringing in their clutter. This how my communal space got in such a state. I haven’t been able to keep on top of my partner’s manifestations. To get super technical his mess is a reflection of mine too so it all comes back to you somehow. That is why I’ve realized how important it is to ‘clean’ your physical living space as well as the invisible space.

It was actually quite enjoyable this mass cleaning effort. I kept standing back and admiring my work. It revived me. I felt great afterward. It felt like I’d cleaned myself, which technically I had, I’d cleaned my ‘space.’ My home felt brand new. The stale energy was out and fresh new clean energy was there in place. I put in the effort and was instantly re given to back with clean, fresh energy.

Energy cleansing the invisible is awesome but I need to pay a lot more attention to physical cleaning too. It is no wonder I don’t mind not being at home so much with my schedule. The environment isn’t appealing or welcoming for me. When I am home I migrate to my healing room/home office/art studio that I keep very clean and spotless. Now though I want to be in my main living area because it’s clean. I even set up my easel and painted in the lounge for a change. I really wanted to be in that clear space. New inspiration could flow freely as there was room to do so, it can get through now.

Do you ever feel stagnant and stuck in a rut? Are you always wanting to ‘get out of the house,’ not wanting to be at home? Take a look at your living environment. Give it a good clean and tidy up, followed by an energy cleanse. It’s so simple, yet so powerful. It will feel like you’ve just been on holiday, yet you never left the house.

Get your mop on this week.

Love Seren xx