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Do you ever feel that your home isn’t as settled and calming as you’d like it to be? Houses can get unbalanced if, just like your own body, there are trapped and negative emotions hanging around. We are all made up of energy and this is easily passed on and deposited into the environments in which we dwell. Just because you can’t ‘physically’ see energy dashing around doesn’t mean it’s not there. Our bodies are the physical manifestation of energy and they are very much tangible. If you are very sensitive to energy exchanges (you might not even realise you are) an unbalanced environment may really affect you. You can absorb this negativity that will in turn make you feel unsettled.

It’s a good idea to energy cleanse your home or office every few weeks. Especially if you have had guests enter your domain or a tricky client to deal with. They could have left you some emotional baggage of their own behind. Cleansing will help bring harmony back to your space and get rid of any negative energies or bad vibes. Leaving a lovely serene, calm environment for you to dwell in.

I cleanse my home often in a number of ways. Burning white sage incense is a cheap and effective way of balancing impurities. Sage burning is an ancient ritual of many religions. You can easily grow your own sage in your herb garden to burn if you don’t like using incense. I light a few sticks around my home, particularly in rooms that feel unbalanced. If I am preparing for a Reiki session sage is a must to cleanse my healing room from any energy I have brought in or from previous clients. As I light the sticks I say an affirmation that the sage clean and cleanse the room back to balance.

Smudging is a ritual that takes me longer to perform, it cleanses more deeply than just straight incense. I use a native Australian smudge stick made of lemon myrtle leaves and Australian paper bark. It is infused with 100% pure lemon myrtle essential oil that leaves a lovely refreshing, uplifting scent. Before I start I make sure the area is quiet and I am centred by taking a few long slow deep breathes. Again I will set the intention of clearing and cleansing the room from any negative energy or unwanted spirits. I light the sick, letting it burn for a few seconds before blowing it out. With the stick smouldering I circle the smoke in anti-clockwise (same direction as the energy flow of the Southern Hemisphere, go clockwise if your Northern) though the air in spiralling movements. Around doors and windows I direct the smoke well into the corners to make sure whole perimeter is cleansed. Especially important around doors guests have entered and exited.

My last technique is again quick, very effective, portable and does not require naked flames. It’s also one of my favourites as it smells so nice. I use Nemesis Clearing Mist a hand-blended spray by Elizabeth Peru of Deltawaves. It is made up of three essential oils – Angelica, celery & patchouli. I use it in any situation that I feel dense energy hanging around. A quick spritz is all that is needed. If I personally feel like I need some clearing or added protection I spray some over my shoulders. I’ve had my spray for nearly 8 months and there’s so much left. It does go a long way as only one or two sprays are needed.

Recently I took my Nemesis spray with me to the opening of a new yoga studio. Being freshly fitted out there had been a lot of energies through the door and I felt a pull to get in there to cleanse the yoga room before the first class. It worked a treat & created a relaxing, calm environment for the students enjoy. Even an intuitive friend commented on the energy flow in the room. When I told her I’d been in there to cleanse she said she felt like the space had has some extra help. Wonderful!

Follow your intuition, if your environment just does not feel right give it a cleanse and see how you feel afterwards.

Love & light,

Seren xx







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