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It’s Autumn Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. Perfect time as we reach this change of season to talk about balance. The word balance appears a lot in our every day lives. Eat a balanced diet, stay balanced, balance your life, balance the books, it’s a balancing act! In our physical lives we are living in forward motion, dictated by time. There is a lot going on all at once for most of us. This can cause imbalance. Our human body is naturally unbalanced as it is divided from the spiritual or invisible part of us, our Soul, whilst we are in human existence.

Imagine an old fashioned weighing scale with a centre point and two arms on either side. What happens when you add too much weight to one side? That side shoots up, the other down & imbalance occurs. What do you do? Add weight to the counter side or take a little weight off so the scale ‘balances’ or comes back to centre. Just like the scales our lives & our bodies have to come back to centre in order to balance. When our physical and spiritual forms are together as one we are balanced. How do we achieve this balance? We need to stop moving and connect within.

The inspiration for this post was sparked by a question posed to me last week. I was asked if I’d given up my day job that requires me to work a 40-hour week on a nine to five schedule. No I replied I still work full time, as I love what I do. Why would someone ask me if I’d given up my job in the first place? Let me enlighten you. It is not my only job. I also teach Bikram yoga part time as well as undertaking regular freelance design work, my daily commute can take up to a 1.5 hours (one way), I write this blog, practice Reiki healing, oil paint, pole dance, do yoga amongst other hobbies all whilst maintaining a house and relationship. How can you do all this I hear your scream. BALANCE!

It hasn’t always been so easy for me. About ten months ago I was running myself into the ground. I had all the above jobs and activities going on in my life but there was no balance. I was stuck and desperately needed some guidance. I was recommended by a friend to contact a Soul Mentor with whom I had a personal email session. This first session lead me onto the journey I am currently travelling. With direction from my Mentor I have learned to follow my inner guide, we all have one, here’s that word again our Soul, thus creating the much needed balance in my life.

To onlookers my life might still seem crazy busy. To me it flows without effort or strain. It does not at all seem busy because I am leading from my Soul base. All my jobs and activities are aligned with my life purpose. I eliminated the parts of my life that were causing me strain and discomfort. I took control, owned my own worth and most importantly focused on what I love in life. When you live authentically life is simple and easy. Just like nature it becomes natural, the way it’s meant to be, nothing forced or burdensome.

Have you noticed when you’re running round like a headless chicken, trying to please everyone, be everything to everybody time just flies and there never seems to be enough hours in the day? You feel stressed and grumpy and pretty much not happy. It doesn’t have to be this way! If I can squeeze all the above into my life you can too.

How do I do it? I simply slow down and come back to stillness. I stop what I’m doing. Take time out to close my eyes, be still and breathe. This is how to get in touch with yourself, the real Self, inside your core. When you become still at your centre point the scales balance, both sides are equal, that is where all your answers lie and time will stand still for you. Quite the mind, focus on the point that lies in the pause between your thoughts, between your breath. This is stillness. I tell my yoga students this all the time in savasana posture but it’s a skill you can apply any time of the day.

Anyone can live authentically you just need to take action for yourself. No one but you can control your life you need to be the instigator. When you allocate time to something you really love, time opens up for you, slows down for you to give you the time to do something that will nourish you on all levels. It really does, you just need to desire it without doubt. It’s happening to me right now. I was so pumped up with inspiration to write this post, I truly desired to have the time to write. Guess what, my workload dried up, literally nothing to do, allowing me the time to write unhindered.

Allocate time to do something you love and see what happens. Just like I talked about in the post ‘Treat Yourself.’ Put in the effort and reap the benefits, you will be rewarded, it may not be obvious at first but soon it will be. All you need to do is find that stillness and balance will follow.

Love & light,

Seren xx


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