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When was the last time your really gave yourself a treat that made you feel fully enriched and grateful to be you? It doesn’t have to be big or expensive. It doesn’t have to cost you anything at all actually. Taking some YOU time is important, it makes your soul happy!

There is nothing wrong with giving back to you. Do not feel like you are being frivolous, self-indulgent or vein. We need to take some time to honour ourselves every now and again to recharge and get in touch with our core.

I am very proactive in my life. I’m not one for sitting back and letting others do all the work. I take action and responsibility for myself. If I want something done or I wish something to happen I go out there and make it happen. This can be a huge double-edged sword. I tend to take on too much, try to do it all by myself and not ask for help. I hate letting people down so I do more than I should. My efforts are always 110% and I go hard to get everything achieved. In order to get everything done I often ignore the messages my body is telling me intuitively to the point a physical message is needed. The result is I break. Usually I physically manifest shoulder pain or exhaustion. At this point I’m so far involved I mentally I start hating the people putting pressure on me or draining my resources. It’s not their fault at all it’s me not setting my boundaries.

Over the past eight months I have really learnt to slow down and take care of myself before I break down. Being in a slow state of mind and listening within has really helped me discern how to use my time and skills wisely. I fall off the wagon for sure. This is a reminder to come back to my authenticity, lead from within. When I physically break, it’s my soul telling me I’m not aligned with how she ticks. This is why I have started to give myself regular treats and me time. This nourishes and takes care of both my physical and spiritual body. I lock it into my schedule to make sure I do take the time out.

As I said earlier it doesn’t have to cost you anything. You could simply take a twenty-minute soak in a hot bath whilst reading a novel or chilling to your favourite music. You can’t get much cheaper than a walk on the beach! I call these moments ‘mini me time.’ Every week I take time out to oil paint, read, watch a movie or pamper myself at home with a pedicure or facial.

I do however invest my hard earned cash back into a big monthly treat. I head down to a divine day spa in the city for a treatment, usually a massage. It is higher end than most people would like but I love it. I first discovered the spa a few years back because of it’s 100% organic philosophy. This is something that is important to me, even more so now as I try to avoid harsh chemicals.

There is nothing more relaxing than having a massage. I’ve built a bond with the staff  as they take the time to get to know their clients. I do not mind paying the higher price as I love the whole package I get. The soothing environment, indoor voices, plinky plunky Tibetan bowl music, fluffy towels & tea & fruit in the chill out lounge afterwards. I literally drift out of there feeling relaxed and happy on all levels. A two-hour retreat at the end of a busy week what more could you ask for. I don’t even justify the cost any more. I just do it. My body tells me it’s happy and rewards me for looking after it so that’s enough for me. I did give up my treat for nearly a year in 2011 & wow did I miss it. Now I’m back in the spa routine I’ll never sacrifice it again.

What do you do to have some ‘me’ time? Please share in the comments below we’d love to hear from you…

Love & light,

Seren xx